Drastic drop in performance with Enhanced Terrain Mesh (ETM) in SU9

Enhanched Terrain Mesh

After the MSFS upgrade to SU8, there was a considerable increase in stuttering in Enhanced Terrain Mesh (ETM) with considerable degradation in flight quality (to put it mildly … really ■■■■). We concluded that this is due to MS / Asobo changing the “way of how terraforming is processed has changed a little with SU8” as reported by Boris_ (MS / Asobo Team).

So, I started to investigate both from the point of view of the hardware settings of my system and by replenishing with the newest MS SDK getting some small improvements but not enough.
To date (07 May), something has moved in the right direction since MS / Asobo updated the two Apps that most have to do with MSFS on MStore:
Xbox (vers. 2205.1000.17.0) and,
Gaming Services (vers. 3.65.3001.0)

I was pleased to note that now ETM which makes extensive use of Terraform with Heightmap is much improved and the stuttering problem has been significantly reduced.

So, I will shortly publish a new version of ETM12 Angola vol.01 which has been recompiled with the latest SDK 0.18.0, in the meantime I ask you for your impressions on the above after updating the two Apps (Xbox and Game Services ) to see the performance improvements

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Hello everyone,
I’ve been following this discussion for some time because I too “suffered” from the same disease.
But now I have to say that something for the better is moving, at least from how I am seeing on my system. So, I want to share this … and I ask you if you can give some feedback.

On my profile … my hardware, Nvidia driver I’m using 512.59.
I’m testing with a dedicated scenario of mine that makes extensive use of terraform with heightmap (Enhanced Terrain Mesh) which has a great impact on the LOD value of the terrain and therefore on the system RAM. Up until a few days ago I had a ton of stuttering and slowdowns.
Then, since I updated two apps from the Microsoft Store, things have improved enormously.

The two Apps (to be updated) are:

Xbox vers. 2205.1000.17.0
Gaming Services vers. 3.65.8001.0

To test, whatever you want, go to this link up and grab any one. Thanks in advance for any feedback.


Version 2.0 Optimized and recompiled with the latest SDK (0.18.0)

From this link I found a valid help to improve the flight after the introduction of SU9.
I apologize to its author I can’t find the original post here on the forum.

Flight Simulator Blog

I finally decided to go to the SU10 beta DX11 version. No stuttering and a satisfying FPS.
I hope stuttering and slowdowns are just a bad memory.