Drawing a Lake - Graphic Glitches

I have added a lake that was missing into MSFS by drawing a polygon and filling it with Water (LAKE).

I see glitches like below and despite redrawing the lake completely 3 times, they always reappear (alltough in different locations).

I have tried to fix it with terraforming, excludes, aprons. But that did not help. It seems the ground is coming up from below the water.

Could you please help with any more suggestions?

I’m sure the newer SDK will improve things!

Have you tried it in-game instead of the SDK? It’s not completely WYSIWYG

However most of the Time What You See Is What You Get!

Yes, that is known to me.

The pictures are from the sim. The funny thing is it does not appear like that in DEV mode. Or rather it does appear at first, but some time later the glitch disappears. But only in DEV mode. Once I switch back to normal mode it is there again.

That makes it hard to check if a solution works. I always have to restart the sim.

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