DreamFleet Switzerland Mesh

Anyone use this? Saw it on offer in the marketplace and just installed it.

After hitting the Fly button from world map been waiting 15mins so far to load at my airport. Assume it’s loading the mesh and also assuming this is SU5 compatible 🤷🏻

I’d uninstall it and try a free one instead: https://flightsim.to/file/14708/switzerland-20m-dem-high-resolution-terrain-elevation-data-from-lidar-imaging

…and see if that loads quicker/loads at all

Reviews of the one from the Marketplace didn’t look good: Switzerland Terrain Mesh Add-on Very Bad Performance

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Ooh. Didn’t know about free one. Thanks!

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I saw that Switzerland mesh was discounted and I was tempted.
I also noticed the rating was sub-optimal… :thinking:

get the free ones from flightsim.to

Downloaded free one and now in the game. Ho hum. Should have read the reviews!

I bought it for my Series X since it was discounted but already deleted it because the performance was catastrophic.

Its disappointing because it looks better than the default mesh. The Matterhorn looks much more realistic than default but I was getting 5 second freezes and lots of shorter stuttering.

Can’t recommend til its patched and who knows if that will ever happen.


I can’t even get into a Swiss airport. Left it over 60mins while I sorted dinner.
Have deleted it!

On their own forum fsdreamteam are saying (rather grumpily) that their version works great and it’s all Microsoft’s fault.

ok… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(think I’ll wait…)

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Yeah. Steer we’ll clear.

Thanks for the Xbox reviews, I was about to buy it as well because it was discounted. So will wait for it to be patched.

On another note - the NZ mesh by Orbx so far works great on my Series S. Milford Sound was beautiful and I’ve been there and it looked stunning in real life, and stunning in the simulator!


Yup, Orbx meshes are beautiful and have great performance. NZ is stunning, especially those mountains around Milford Sound.

Shame you cant get the freeware addons for Xbox. There’ an incredible Milford Sound airport and harbor areas addon that put the default to shame.

I think i might go and have a fly around there right now!

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Wow, that’s awesome! Maybe one day the freeware scenery may come to the marketplace. One can dream lol

It is interesting though how the mod manager is not used by many modders (marketplace). I am not used to that - i play other games on steam and the workshop there is usually brimming… you rarely have to go out of the mod manager.

But your right … the default Airport at Milford has its limitations. But still, in the simulator I had this realisation that “omg… I’ve been here before”. Rarely do games capture that essence of a place which FS2020 did.

For sure. The great thing about MSFS is even in its default state it’s way ahead of anything we’ve had before visually. After 600 hours it still blows me away :slight_smile:

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Yeah, the Switzerland Mesh is completely unusable at this time. Either you get total lockup, or completely messed up scenery.

I really hope they fix it, since Switzerland is my favorite place to fly around.

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I contacted FSDreamTeam. They said they believe the package in the MarketPlace is corrupted as they get the same problem when using it. However when they use the package from their own site it works. I’ve sent them screen shots of my Marketplace purchase to see if they can give me a copy from their site :crossed_fingers:

Good move. Hopefully they will update the marketplace as well.

Hi Talven1 - very interesting to hear that the Orbx NZ mesh runs well on the Series S as I have one too? Did you notice a significant visual improvement over the default mesh? Thanks

Am I right to assume that the FSDT Switzerland Mesh is now totally redundant with WU6?

(I had avoided it because of the bad reviews)

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It’s useless if its going to cover the new mesh and plus it still hasn’t been updated on console to fix the catastrophic performance issues it brings to Switzerland.

So as not to be totally negative toward FSDT’s work, I’ll say that it has much less terrain morphing issues than the new mesh and I think the Matterhorn looks better in FSDT’s mesh.

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