DreamFleet Switzerland Mesh

I forgot I had FSDT Swiss mesh installed and I flew the new Swiss Bush trip. All ran smoothly with no issues. The Matterhorn looked amazing. Just don’t know if it would look like that without the mesh. Guess I should try it.

On PC the NZ mesh makes a noticeable difference but not where you expect, leading to a lot of people saying it is pointless and they cannot see the difference.

What it does not do:

  • fix any areas with poor or blotchy textures - it changes the shape of the terrain not the look of the terrain
  • it does not make rugged terrain hugely more “rugged” as if it is highly mountainous area even a 50m mesh will pick up most of the shape of the mountains

What it does do:

  • removes some of the rounded look on ridge lines particularly in the distance
  • adds the hills back in some of the low country that is otherwise too flat, this means some runways with displaced thresholds suddenly make sense as the missing lowish hill on final is now back
  • removes some (but not all) of the oddities were roads and rivers seem to run up the side of a cliff
  • river country looks “more realistic” as with default mesh it is dead flat , though is it subtle and again many people claim they see no difference