Drink and Fly

This is what happens when you drink and fly…


Ha, funny guy.

Since I received my Alpha controls yoke I often times roll over to one side… for example when my wife ask me something and I look to her on my left side (where the door of my room is), my plane rolls to the left. Often times with a ending picture like yours… I should try what happens when I have some “beer loaded” on my plane… :smiley:

Yeah what kind of lush plants a tree inside an oil storage tank?

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Those are some giant kegs out there! :+1: :rofl: :rofl:

them ‘trees’ look like the ones grown in Humbolt…

How can you take a pic of this? As soon as i crash i get a retry of go to main page screen?

Not that i crash too often, only if the controls are messed up

Maybe its your settings. In assistance I have the Crash damage, Aircraft stress damage and Engine stress damage Disabled.

@DurkaDurka28993, well, they do have a lot of oil storage tanks in Newark. And, well… It’s Newark. Actually wouldn’t surprise me in the least!


I would offer to drive by and check, lawd knows I’ve been by that thing umteen thousand times, but it’s been over a decade since we left, and while Deblasio (sp?) is in charge, I ain’t settin’ foot within two hundred miles of that place.

And, of course, it would be me replying to a post about drinking and flying… Don’t drink (or toke) and fly, kids, nothing good can come of it. (Says the guy who sips on a marijuana infused coffee in his A320… Virtually, of course.)

Jumbo tired…

Disable crash detection in the Options -> Assistance menu.

Is a lot less frustrating in general. When you mess up, use slew to reset to a new altitude and try again.

It would make a good Movie