Drivable vehicles?

I want mountain bikes. And road bikes. Motorcycles, too. Scooters. And roller skates. Anything less in a flight simulator is unacceptable.

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Boats most of all. Nothing too fancy, quad outboards will be quite sufficient when I do the Haulover Inlet.

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I remember using this bike avatar to travel to the airfield in P3D :grin:



lol! I love it. I know some would say its a flight sim but these little “extras” can be fun too I think.

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Some people scoff at these ideas and say it’s a “flight sim” . Yes, it is. And it is heading towards amazing. But why the restrictive thinking? I for one would love a sim that combines flight, driving, trains, farming, the “sims” building and environment interaction, a multiplayer economy etc…
To be able to drive from my house, walk to an airplane at my airport, fly to London, jump on the tunnel train, and go do some farming at my new chateau in France??? Maybe while there fly a biplane to to Monaco and rip some laps in an F1 car…against friends online. All without ever leaving the sim. Point is, I personally think sim integration is desirable and hopefully will be the future. Here’s hopin😊. Oh, let’s throw some combat in there while we are at it. Entire planet Battlefield anyone?



As the developer of Bicycle Avatars and more, I would like to briefly speak up.

Cyclists in a flight simulator. What are they doing???
A Chevrolet Suburban in a flight simulator. What is he doing there ???
Pedestrians (Aavtars) in a flight simulator. What is that ???

The answer is very simple: They bring more fun and variety to our hobby :slight_smile:

And that’s exactly why we started bringing the Chevrolet Suburban into the MSFS. The beginning has been made …


Thank you, really looking forward to this! I’ve tried taxiing planes in city streets and parking lots before, but always ended up hitting trees/bushes with my wings.

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I enjoyed driving the Chevy around in P3D-looking forward to it coming to MSFS!

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Not ideal, but nice to make some fun :slight_smile:
https: flightsim.to/file/12374/drivable-car-mitsubishi-pajero
Enjoy my work :smile:

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Thank you so much for this!

A more sporty car like a mustang would be cool!