Drivers NVIDIA


Big disillusion today. My FPS was only running between 3 and 10 !! However my hardware is not so bad (IC i7 CPU 4.00GHz, 32 GB RAM NVIDIA GF GTX1070). After different research, I decided to update the drivers for my graphics card. Normally this is done automatically but for some unknown reason they were not up to date. And miracle everything works again wonderfully. I’m shooting at 22-25 FPS in New York, which isn’t bad. On the other hand, I do not understand that in the space of one night the drivers of the graphics card no longer work. Very bizard behavior of FS2020.

Make sure you don’t have anything running in the background.
Try to change the settings of MSFS

Windows update can revert to old driver. My system has the same CPU as yours, 980 card, and 16GB memory. Video is 1920x1080. I get pretty good performance (~35 fps) by using suggested tunings from Tom’s Hardware for MSFS.