Drone activation causes large oscillations from trimmed flight

Flying C172 G1000 perfectly trimmed level flight over water with light winds the plane will fly perfectly for long periods in cockpit view or external view (End). However when I go to drone mode (insert) the plane starts oscillating several hundred feet immediately. The drone follow mode (tab) works but the plane has gone wild. I have repeated this several times with MSFS2020 shut down between.
Anyone else seen this?
Should this be reported as a bug?

Are your drone controls, also assigned to any of the planes control axis?..could they be controlling both the drone and the plane? I’ve just come out of a 172 and the drone mode had no adverse effects on the plane which was being flown on the AP. I use a PS4 controller for the drone but had to delete it from the ailerons mapping before doing so.

I haven’t changed any of the drone setup from default keyboard. I checked that there are no drone commands assigned on the mouse, the stick, or the pedals.
@Randalstiltskin would you mind trying it trimmed but not in AP?
I will try AP and see what happens.

Go through the keyboard controls - even by default, some of them are doubled up to do 2, even 3 or 4 things.

I don’t know what the keyboard controls are for the drone, as I use a xbox controller, but for every control you use on the keyboard, search for it in the left hand search panel (yes, every single one), and you will probably find there is a control assigned to a control for the aircraft.

i.e if one of your controls is say, F3, search for F3 in the search box, and make sure F3 isnt also mapped to a control surface or aircraft command.

Yes, the num pad had dual use on the controls. Elimination fixed the problem. Thanks.

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