Drone cam not responding after a flight KSFO-KLAS at KLAS airport


I made a flight from KSFO to KLAS using the A320 dev version from FlybyWire (livery Air France)
Sim version
A320 dev version updated to take into account the flaps bug fix from Asobo.
My cameras are managed via a xbox one controller that has always worked fine.
The scenery/airport of Las Vegas is the flytampa one.

So, I made this flight. All things were ok until I land to KLAS.
After landing I take a taxiway to go to the gates.
The drone cam worked Ok until then.
But at one moment, after I set the brakes, the drone camera stops reponding: no mean to make any movement using the drone.
I can switch in the cockpit view and the camera works ok here.
I can switch to the external view and also here all seems ok.
But if I switch to the drone, no more movements possible via the drone.
The buttons commanding the cameras switches on my xbox controller always work, though.
If I close and reopen the sim, all things return to normal.

So, I do not know what were happening with the drone cam. First tile I see this. The FPAS at KLAS were low, but not so (20 FPS)
Maybe an overload of the sim?


I think I found the problem: I think I pressed on the « C » key during the drone view and then the drone did not respond as foreseen.
So this bug can be closed.

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The C key on the keyboard? I’m using an xbox controller and sometimes it will switch to a flight control surface rather than drone control.

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Pressing the C key switches the xbox controller (EDIT: not restricted to the xbox controller - whatever controller you use to control the drone is affected) from controlling the drone to controlling the plane. Handy if, whilst droning, you need to fly the plane - and especially handy if you are flying the plane with the xbox controller anyway!

Note that this key is a toggle switch that persists. So if you switch to drone mode, then press C to control the plane for a bit, then switch back to cockpit view for a while then switch back to drone mode - the fact you pressed C earlier is remembered and you will therefore still be controlling the plane when you swtich to drone mode/showcase camera. You needto press C again to untoggle this and be able to control the drone again

Hey bro, I’m using the TCA side stick and throttle for A32NX control. The xBox controller is just for the drone. I thought I disabled the flight control surfaces on the controller, but some times they become active again if my controller goes to sleep and I turn it on again.

That’s a bit weird - sounds like it might be picking up the default controller mappings when it wakes up. However, even if that’s the case, when you are in drone mode, unless you press the C key, you should be controlling the drone with the controller and not the plane.

i have the same problem, sometimes drone cam works sometimes it controls the plane, i’m using the xbox controller just for the drone like you and I too have the TCA sidestick, maybe a problem with these two devices? before the TCA sidestick I had no problems, but it could coincide with some MSFS update as well, so, not entirely sure.

Try pressing C on the keyboard. That works for me when the drone goes ions.