Drone camera rolls left very slowly left with no user input

I tried using an autohotkey script to send a regular reset to drone roll (by assigning another key to do that in the sim and triggering that regularly) but it seems msfs is unable to take custom keys in this way. It worked with space but then in other views you get weird things happening, e.g. in cockpit view.

Given the way the sim is so totally laden with bugs, the graphics are terrible at any altitude now, you have to hack it to try to get any distance view (LOD issues), and when I fired it up last night (busy Friday night) it could barely load the World Map (server load?) I have found a better solution - I have uninstalled the sim. I give up on what has now - for me - become a total joke. I think somebody ought to speak to the legal authorities in their country they live in about when they show all these trailers and yet in the real world nothing gets close to look anything like them, are these a fair depiction of the sim in reality. In the UK: “the trades description act”. Anyway, good luck everybody, it hurts to leave (before SU5 it was just so beautiful) but I’ve had my fill.

I have been looking for others who have this issue as well. Mine doesn’t happen over time though. The issue I have is when using sky dolly to re watch take off/ landings, I set the drone in a stationary position on the ground. I then set it to track the aircraft down the runway. As I fly by the camera rolls, once it gets a little further away I’m looking at my pane at a 45 degree angle. I can’t hit the reset roll binding because when I do it will automatically boost me to whichever altitude the plane is currently at, causing me to lose the ground perspective I want.

Same issue here, really annoying - hope it gets fixed soon.
Makes it impossible to watch your aircraft over a longer period in cruise without always adjusting the rotation of the drone…

If you want to give autohotkey a go this should do the trick.
NOTE: you MUST setup the joy calls to trigger on for the key/joystick button you use to switch to drone view and also back again. Mine is Joystick 3 and X to go drone mode, O to come back to cockpit (PS4 controller) or you might have keys for that?
It tries to hit space every 15 seconds to level the roll (longer and I think the timers can’t handle it)

; Reset drone roll every 60 seconds to bodge MSFS because of SU5 drone view roll rounding bug
; Try to engage it when switching to drone mode and disengage when comping back to cockpit
; It seems that user programmed keys don’t work if set for reset drone roll
; Use {Space} - the default drone roll reset
; Hit joystick X to engage (switching to drone mode for my joystick setup)
; Hit joystick O to disengage (switching to cockpiit mode for my joystick setup)
; Note my PS4 controller is controller 3, you might need to change
; 3Joy2:: the 3 to another number to match your PS4 controller
; or if you’re using a keyboard then use the keys you use to trigger drone and cockpit view in their place
; note if you open other windows in drone view THEY will get a space every 60 seconds
; this could be refined out of it with window focus detectection - hoefully they might fix this bug though?
; Reset drone roll
;Send, {Space} ; Can’t get keypress to the sim
; Can get keyress to the sim
Send, {Space down}
Sleep 20
Send, {Space up}
SetTimer, ResetDroneRoll, -15000 ; Run ONCE in X milliseconds time
;MsgBox Reset

; MsgBox Auto drone roll reset STARTED
SetTimer, ResetDroneRoll, -400
; ResetDroneRoll() ; Reset it and start the repeating process

; MsgBox Auto drone roll reset STOPPED
SetTimer, ResetDroneRoll, Off ; Kill the timer

Might have something to do with the curvature of the earth as it travels. SU5 no longer compensates for the curvature in drone cam mode hence the rolling over some time.

You can assign a key to “reset drone roll” for now as a workaround.

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This bug is still around in WU6

(like the “Toolbar marker not autohiding”)

Thanks for letting us know. As CptEvillian predicted it probably didn’t even appear on MS’s radar, but there again I think they have got very close to losing control of the software. I can’t even download WU6 which was going to be my last throw of the dice. I might just uninstall and ask for my money back since I can’t run it but am offered no update (ha, fat chance)

… so (going off-topic here)

a) WU6 does not show up in the store for you? …
b) or do you have other download problems?

I suffered from (a) … and installing and running the Xbox app did solve it (no idea what is going on there … but somehow that Xbox app triggers some changes in the MS store system … it seems)

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Thank you so much for taking the time to go off topic! I tried again early next morning (today) and after installing the Xbox app it eventually started downloading. Yes that is completely random (aka yet another Asobo bug :-(). Thank you again for lending a helping hand.

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YAWN, I’m so tired of that line “Do you have any add ons in your community folder” every time somebody has an issue.
My answer to this question every time has and still remains “NO, ITS EMPTY”

Resetting Drone roll is pointless as it starts to roll immediately after you do this, the only option is NOT to move the camera when in showcase because (for me anyway) as soon as I do the roll starts and cannot be stopped.

For me resetting drone view will reset the roll. You might be describing the other rolling issue which can be stopped by just pressing the windows key briefly.

Akin to “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” :slight_smile:

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Ok, my issue is that the showcase camera slowly rotates the entire video in a clockwise direction, it takes around 9 minutes for image to be upside down, the roll continues slowly like this all the time. I have tried pressing the R & L buttons on my xbox controller (I’m on a PC by the way not an Xbox) which re sets the camera drone and if I leave the image in this position then the roll stops, if however I move the drone camera position the roll starts again so I am in reality stuck with one view once I re set the camera. I have no idea what hitting the Windows key does as I have never tried it?

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I tried hitting the Windows key yesterday, it does nothing to prevent camera roll.

Quick update … … still does this “drone cam roll” thing …


Its annoying, especially if you are trying to create a Youtube video !!

Did anybody has that little bug where the horizon is slightly tilted to the right when you switch to the outside view. It is not a big deal but I have to re-orient it to take a snapshot.

Happens constantly to me. When I fly, I set up the drone to be about 100 yards away and slightly behind to one side or the other… it makes for great cinematic shots (without the HUD of the external camera). Several times during my flight however, I have to straighten the horizon. To me though, it seems to have started around Update 5.


I did not think about that … but you are absolutely right. Now you need to constantly manually compensate for the drone cam roll. Puuh … pretty tricky.

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