Drone camera suggested features!

Drone/Showcase Camera is Amazing! But there’s a few things I wish they would add to make Drone Camera completely Astounding!

  1. Allow us to Disable Camera Lag so that it will be static with whatever it’s attached to instead constantly oscillating everytime the plane speeds up/slowdown/ ascend/descent, etc.
  2. Allow us to Attach the Drone Camera to anything static or moving …at any point on whatever object we are attaching the camera to! (eg: fixed external cameras without the limitations of those Fixed Cameras!)!
  3. Allow the Drone Camera to inherit the Axis what whatever moving Object it’s attached to, for example, we can move the camera to any part of the exterior or interior without having to adjust it’s position everytime the plane moves around!
  4. Allow us to save the multiple positions of the Drone Camera!
  5. disable all Collisions so that we can see from any perspective in the entire world and moving objects!!!

Hey @Solara4568! Welcome to the forums!

Those are some great ideas!! I’d recommend posting this in the #self-service:wishlist topic though. That way, others can vote on it and its properly categorized!

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oh thankyou for the suggestion dear!!! Unfortunatley I can’t seem to delete this post after posting in the other section.