Drone camera view affecting plane pitch

Drone camera view affecting plane pitch, when you switch from cockpit to drone camera view using the “Insert Key”, the plane starts to pitch down automatically and even crash the aircraft into the ground, but when u toggle insert the plane resumes the right attitude. This is very wrong, the only way to prevent this now is to use the AI Control to control the aircraft then you can toggle drone camera view. This is a serious bug!!!

I don’t think it’s a bug per se, but the feature is implemented very weird. In drone more, the flight controls switch to camera controls.

To get flight controls back while in drone, press the “c” key. Press again to get from camera controls back.

Most of the time before I go to drone mode, I make sure I’m flying level.

I know this isn’t probably what you wanted, but I hope it’s helpful.

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Yet another “bug”…

Have you trimmed for level flight?

Yeah. Make sure ticket submit to Zendesk. I noticed this too.

I’m surprised this doesn’t get more upvotes/comments. This bug has been there for ages and nobody seems to care/there seems to be no willingness to get it fixed. Makes drone mode totally unusable. Either I am missing something or everybody else use a radically different approach to look outside the cockpit. Makes me feel stupid in my feeble attempt to use this drone invention.

I’m sry but I haven’t got this to happen even if tried.
I see no bug there. I really wonder how it is even possible to happen…
I won’t say there is no problem with you, but I haven’t heard anyone I know about this.

That’s the worrisome part. Some users have seen this behavior (search for “drone pitch”) but most apparently are not experiencing it, or else it would probably be an issue of debate. Which means that at the end of the day it will be pushed down the list of priorities or even get ignored. There’s not much we can do besides reporting it to Zendesk.

Hi, can you describe what input peripherals (joystick, yoke, pedals, game controller etc.) are you using? Thanks.