Drop in performance with Quest 2 after installing / playing HL Alyx

Hi all, have been using FS2020 for a while with my Quest 2 in VR, connected via Link.

I have recently installed and played a couple of times with HL Alyx and now performance on FS2020 has dropped significantly! I have been spending the last day/two playing with the settings and trying to get back to a smooth experience in FS2020 but can’t understand where the problem is! Performance keeps being much worse than before.

My PC: RTX 2080 Super 8GB, i5 10600k, 16GB RAM

Any ideas what the problem could be?
Thanks a lot! Omer

You’re right, it does seem odd that HL has caused issues in flight sim. Maybe try checking these two things:

  1. did you accidentally run any game optimisations via the Nvidia GeForce Experience tool?

  2. do you have ASW disabled in the Oculus debug tool?

Thank you! Will be checking that in a few days (travelling now). Omer

Also make sure that your not using Steam Vr as it is known to have issues with Quest 2 and MSFS. Stick to the Oculus app and OpenXR as the runtime.

Thank you, will double check that as well!

Hi, what’s your OS?

I found out big issues under Win 11 and the last December update.
For me is a big mess now, stuttering everywhere in VR and 2D mode with a G2 connected.
I’ve noticed that once VR Viewer is connected, windows while it’s changes it’s view mode, there is a big degradation on the graphic acceleration performances. I’ve tried everything, new cable, drivers, uninstall and reinstall the WMR app. Nothing works!

This is an OS problem and they did something with the last update… Very upset about this!

Hello, and thanks. I have Win11 but it seemed to be working ok until very recently!

Hello, as an update, changing the ASW setting to 45 Hz (it was on auto) seems to have improved things significantly!

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