Drop to 1fps

I realize this topic has been around for a while but I haven’t seen many solutions. I’ll be flying at 15 to 25 fps and then immediately drop to 1 fps and stay there. It can happen in the middle of a flight even far away from major centers. I run graphics near high with known fps eaters lowered.

Quite annoying. Suggestions please.

12th gen i7,32gb,3050 with 4gb. Non gamer laptop plugged in.

I have a 2070S with 8gb VRAM, and have to put texture resolution down to ‘medium’ to avoid running out of VRAM in busy areas. You might want to check the VRAM usage (turn on developer mode and enable “display fps” and look at the last line or two of the overlay) to see if it’s hitting the limit.

Sounds like you’re getting throttled due to heat. I don’t know much about MSFS cloud based simming but it might be more suitable for your hardware.

I’ll look into it thanks.