Dropped Energy and Simulator crashes on update screen

It will be one day that they will solve this, I’m fed up with having to install another 100 GB every time the Simulator crashes, or power goes out, or Internet signal drops etc… And then I still have to install everything again the updates of the world.
All the games I have, none of them have to start Dowload all over again, when it crashes, power drops, internet signal, all work normally afterwards. Only in MSFS 2020 does this happen, solve this once and for all.
Release the folders to us, no more encryption of folders, inaccessible files.
I invested in FSX over 2000 Dollars in Add-ons and another 2000 Dollars in exclusive hardware and I don’t regret it one bit as it is still fine for me to this day even after 12 years and I never had to install it from scratch for any reason that I mentioned above.
Now, as long as Asobo doesn’t solve this MSFS 2020 thing all the time crashing and having to download everything again, I won’t buy any more add-ons for MSFS 2020.
And I’m already thinking about canceling the 2 GamePass Accounts I have.
Solve it.

I get your frustration, but this is the first time I’ve seen this issue.
There are numerous posts of CTD’s, but this is first I’ve heard of having to redownload after each.
It doesn’t seem like an Asobo issue or a lot of others would have it.
Do the world updates show installed in the Content Manager before the CTD’s happen?
Are you running in administrator mode?
Do you have write protection enabled ?
Anti virus interfering?

You also need to find the reason for the CTD’s.
Can you be a bit more specific about how and when they occur, as well as any error messages?

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Hello. It doesn’t appear on the forums there, but here in Brazil there are a lot of people complaining and I’ve seen CTD complaints on several sites, visit AVSIM FLIGHTSIM and you’ll see.
Well, but I didn’t say I had CTD in fact I never had CTD with MSFS 2020, I said that any little thing that goes wrong in the update or due to lack of electrical power or due to Internet outage, I always have to lose almost 16 hours to download everything again as it doesn’t continue the update afterwards.
No other game does that. I’m mad about it.
Who is going to risk building a good simulator buying a lot of scenarios and planes with this lot of crashes that happen when an update doesn’t work??? That’s unfortunate.
On FSX I must have about 5 TB of scenarios, it sometimes gives some CTDs, but at least I don’t have to install everything from scratch like it happens with MSFS 2020.

Yes, I’ve seen plenty of update issues, for sure, and particularly so when a power loss occurs when doing so.
I understood you to mean you had to re-install all the world sceneries you already had installed every time you had an signal drop off!

Due to copywrite, theft issues, etc., Asobo isn’t going to release the encrypted files.

FSX is now twenty three years old.
I beieve I got it in 1999.
There were also only two updates to it.
You should have seen the complaints when updates for it were originally released, there were lots!
You are comparing ground-breaking tech to a 23 year old sim.
At 23 years old, it better have the bugs worked out.

The update crashing while you are downloading it is another issue.
Do you have good download speeds?
If not, have you tried using a free VPN?

Could you explain why you need to redownload it all the time? I don’t understand. I downloaded it fully once in August 2020 and that’s it.
Even when I reinstalled windows i just copied over the files. Or didn’t even copy. Just pointed the game when it first launched to the existing files.

I don’t believe that is what he is saying.
I believe he means he has to start the update all over again when it crashes mid-update.
The sim doesn’t save the part he has already downloaded.

Hello, I just made an analogy of an old “FSX” technology that doesn’t need to restart everything from scratch like MSFS 2020 and even then, even though it’s old it should serve as an example of improvement.
On FSX all my MCP equipment, Logitech FORced 3D Controls work 100%. In MSFS 2020 I have to pay programs like SPAD.neXt to try to work 100%, but that’s not the case.

MSFS 2020 is a Simulator painting, beautiful, wonderful, but these problems with crashes in updates make us very angry, because of the amount of work that it takes to restart everything from scratch.
The Download comes with the updates of the World??? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 ?? does not come, and we have to download everything again also one and one. Why not put an option to download everything at once??
My internet is 200 Mbps it’s very fast yes.
This encryption had to be improved, I had saved about 67 flights and lost everything because of this encryption.
Where have you seen it, it stops a Download and doesn’t start where it left off in the middle of the 21st century???

uh, fsx was released in 2006…lol

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I purchased it when new, but my aging memory obviously didn’t remember the date correctly.
Thanks for the refresher! :upside_down_face:

I was referring to threads here in the forum, not other games etc.

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