Drzewiecki Design - A Rant about poor quality

Yeah, you won’t find Marketplace airports in the Community folder, you must delete them in the MSFS menu. I only have two of their sceneries - Moscow UUEE and Washington KDCA. They’re harder on my FPS but both beautifully modelled. I avoided KMDW as the whole Chicago area is a performance killer for me, even with default airports.

KDCA is one of my favorites. Very nicely done, low, maybe zero performance hit.


After coming from an RTX2060super and trying other different cards like the 3060ti to now a Radeon RX6800 all of my fps issues with DD products are reduced but not fully gone. Chicago landmarks is finally playable! Its using up to 13gb of VRAM :grimacing: out of the 16gb.
I think my 8gb cards were crippled.

Update: Just installed KMDW and my performance crippled 15.4gb of vram :rage:

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I don’t think Drzewiecki has done anything to optimize them. I wish they would look into it because the work is really nice.

I could recall the dev mentioning on their forum they are having no issues on their end.
I agree, it needs to be further optimized.

The fps with the landmarks and KMDW paired is great but terrible stutters when panning.

No they don‘t have any issues because they are testing their addons with top of the line hardware. But don‘t even think about running their stuff if you only have a GPU with 8GB.

Is this technically workable ??

Maybe one solution for those with lower GPUs, would be a Utility that scanned all the textures, and any that were say 4k, it backed them up and then converted the texture to a lower resolution - and then took care of any housekeeping, like rebuilding the layout.json.

The utility should also support restoring those high rez textures, if the PC owner got a better GPU at a later date. etc etc

I have an 8G GTX 1070 with both DD’s Chciago Landmarks and DD’s KMDW and the only place I have frames issues is down near the marina at downtown.
I fly the default C172 most of the time so thats probably why it works well for me. Chicago executive actually causes me more problems than DD’s scenery does.

That‘s about the same spot where my fps usually dips into the low 10s when flying the lake route across the bravo.

They won’t. I wasted my money also. Luckily I got a refund from JustFlight for the DD Chicago scenery that runs even worse than DD KMDW

Nonsense. My 3070 handles KMDX + Chicago Landmarks fine. Stick to DX11 and manage your settings realistically (mix of Ultra and High End in graphics + 1440p; depending on the aircraft I can maintain 40 - 60 fps throughout the area). If you insist on trying to run at 4K Ultra across the board, sure. But that’s on you, not the scenery maker.


Have you flown around that downtown area? My VRAM is hovering around 12gb. 1440p as well Not all my settings are on ultra.

Yes, I did just a couple days ago in one of the helicopters. It was a lovely flight.

I just uninstalled Chicago Landmarks, not because of FPS issues, but because it includes night light enhancements, which makes Chicago brighter and more neon than Las Vegas. I’d love to have a realistic night flying experience instead of an over the top one where all of downtown looks like a rave. It’s too bad this is forced into the pack because the daytime experience is great, but I often fly at night in the area.

On your original note though, I play exclusively in VR (which is very resource demanding) and concluded that I simply could not use any type of 3rd party texture enhancement pack with any of the GPUs that have 10-12GB or less VRAM, including stuff like the 3080Ti which has 10GB. They are simply too high res for anything but top-end cards. I now have a 3090 with 24GB VRAM and I can actually use my airport packs. This is probably different for people who play flat-screen.

I just bought UUEE Moscow Sheremetyevo MSFS from marketplace and I can’t remove those ugly looking static aircraft. Already saw on their forum that there is no way to remove them and the developer don’t even want to remove them, cause he thinks they look good. Many customers complained about it but aren’t heard. Be careful of buying that airport if you use FSLTL or AIG…

Could you remove the static aircraft from Moscow UUEE?

Not possible for me as I bought it on in-sim Marketplace.