Drzewiecki Design Announces Washington Landmarks for MSFS

Hopefully someone will make a payware KDCA!



Not a single stutter in 30 minutes of flight !!


still find it amusing that people are paying for landmarks that were included in every sim for decades.

i suspect the next generation of sim wont even come with airports… just leave it all to 3rd parties.


How did you get it? I don’t see it in the marketplace. And their website doesn’t have a direct purchase option that I see.

EUR 14.99
1500 custom buildings


Thanks! There is more stuff there than I knew about.

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Honestly, it looks like a copy and paste from the X-Plane 11 version that I purchased from what I saw on the site. I know default scenery needs work but I don’t know about purchasing this. It looks a bit dull and cartoonish like it does in X-Plane. I don’t think it meets the MSFS standards of real life looking detail.


This is hilarious! :laughing: Not orange enough though.


My thoughts exactly. I’m seeing a lot of rehashing of old models being sold as new. I don’t mind paying for a custom scenario but when it looks worse than the default assets, no thank you. As you said, it needs to meet the current MSFS standards. Sounds like a quick cash grab, like the London pack from ORBX.


AFAIK, they buy models from others and integrate them in their scenery, thats why it looks so familiar with X-Plane

I can‘t remember having 1500 custom buildings in Washington by default in any of the flight sims. Addons like this have always been popular. Even if some POIs in DC were included by default, the addon would still be a huge improvement and people would buy it.


I thought that having to buy add on scenery was going to be a thing of the past when MSFS 2020 was announced. I assumed wrongly that taking data from satellite photographs to put into the sim was going to give us the entire world modelled correctly.

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Yep, that was never a promise given by anyone.
3rd party scenery still has its reason and everyone can decide if she/he wants to spend money on it.
Chances are that the default scenery will get better over time, but probably will never reach handcrafted models.

Nothing wrong with recycling old models too, but they have to fit into the MSFS world.


Considering that only small planes are normally implemented, the Landmark scenery is very useful.

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Yeah, those models need updating. They look cartoonish. They don’t fit the MSFS standard for real life looking scenery for me. I would rather not pay for it.


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Let’s get to the real questions then. I’m very interested in some products from this developer. How does their update process work? Is it something that I’d have to manually keep up with myself? Anybody have experience with them?

Very good feedback and support from the developer

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I don’t doubt that. I’m just trying to figure out what the process is for updates on their products. If I buy their products, and then they issue an update for them at a later time, how am I informed of that new update? I have Contrail installed for FlightBeam & LatinVFR and I have ORBX Central installed for their content. With their content, I can launch either of those applications and have my installed products automatically updated. From what I can tell, it would be a completely manual process, including me needing to manually check to see if it has been updated… If that’s not the case, well, that’s what I’m trying to learn. Doesn’t seem like a big deal with one or two products, but in 5 years, when I have 40 of them installed, that becomes pretty cumbersome.