Drzewiecki Design - Washington Landmarks released!

Anyone tried this?


Yeah I bought it. Definitely has my vote. Looks great flying over close. My $.02.

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I wish the default MSFS had a good representation of DC / London, etc
Not a fan of relying on 3rd party devs for this.
If 3rd party devs can improve the default scenery and add more details, good. But MSFS didn’t offer a good default DC, so, it’s my feeling, that you are pushed to buy DLCs to have complete cities

Yeah, it does seem like these cities were left less detailed on purpose.

Ugh. It’ll do for now, but unless the models get upgraded at some point, I’ll be keeping an eye out for better.

Most buildings look fine from farther away, but up close they’re fairly low resolution/low detail. The roofs on many are particularly horrid. This isn’t really a package for flying around exploring with the drone cam.

The Whitehouse, Capital building, and a few other major poi aren’t terrible, but other buildings are obviously of much lower quality. Since my main reason for wanting scenery like this is for flying low and seeing the sights, it’s kind of off putting.

This scenery is probably much more worth it for people just flying over doing commercial flights and such, but I’m glad most of my cost was covered by a store credit.

I don’t like that we are almost pushed to buy 3rd party addons to enjoy DC and other cities, default MSFS should had come with basic landmarks, white house, capitol hill, washington monument, lincoln memorial.
I don’t expect 1500 landmarks, but base MSFS should had come with the basic.


Yep. If this leaving out landmarks that are then covered by separate payware is really the larger plan, then I’m keeping my money. I’m not shelling out for a bunch of cities that I’ll only explore a few times. I’ve never even been one to buy airports for the same reason, even though some of them are pretty awesome. I’ll wait for freeware.


Don’t get me wrong I love scenery packs but with this sim the scenery and landmarks should be there in eye popping detail without the need of a 3rd party expansion if you are streaming real world maps. Where I see the use for a 3rd party is something like the beloved Merrill C. Meigs KCGX that would not be there in real life. I love booting up the sim for so many years at that airport.

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Meigs I’ve bought in the past, and I’d buy again. It’s home territory, and I still take it’s closing personally, lol.


Great looking Scenery thank you DD

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I did as well. Had the ORBX Meigs scenery. Just an amazing little airport to practice pattern work with touch and go. I used to also practice flying the bell 206b from Meigs to the tops of towers in downtown Chicago. Would love to see some oil rigs to land on in choppy water for a challange in fs2020 when choppers come aboard

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This is great looking scenery??? Copied from X-Plane 11… Give me a brake :joy:

And now you see. I wrote about this before. Their intention is to make basic sim and than you have to PAY huge amount of money for add-ons. So you have EXACTLY the same situation as with P3D and X-Plane. Exactly the s.a.m.e. situation. :wink:

I must admit that environment lightning and clouds is really better than in P3D and X-Plane but still overall looking is like cartoon… About whole world. It’s whole but mostly very bad MESH !

give me a BREAK, just FYI


go and play your X box ok?

You guys know that you can download many free landmarks from third party websites? They are usually good and they are free too. I’ve downloaded many, like Sydney Harbor Bridge and they improve game look significantly.

I don’t understand paying for buildings. Let alone 15 euros, but I guess flight simmers love to be ripped off (especially when they just copy and pasted from X-Plane).

ORBX already showed they didn’t care with London Landmarks.

Planes however? Yeah, I can get behind paying 40-60$ for a good aircraft. Any more than that is a ripoff.


Huh. Now I see why there was a strange absence of DC landmarks during Alpha. The buildings should have still been added by Asobo out of the gate. There’s still room for projects like this to be sold over the default scenery. We shouldn’t have to buy an add-on for any scenery if the tools that Asobo and Blackshark use can create the default world as we have now.


I’ve never left NZ, and I took the closing of Meigs personally.


Keep it coming DD great stuff

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I imagine many a flight simulator fan did to be honest.

I used to hang out by the Adler Planetarium, and watch the planes take off and land over my head. Best seat in the house, lol.

I boycotted going to the city for years after the close. A little melodramatic, and completely ineffective at changing the outcome of course, but I was young and ■■■■■■. :joy::joy::joy:

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Just do what I do, pretend its someone else with class