Drzewiecki Designs Narita all static aircraft and ground clutter gone after SU5?

Anyone else encounter this?

They’re working on an update to make it compatible for SU5…

(It actually looks better with the static aircraft gone, imho)

Oh alright. Thanks for the info!

I just hope they also fixed the inverted runway assignment as well. It gets really annoying when you plan to depart from one runway, and spawn the aircraft close to it to avoid taxiing too far. Only for the ATC to tell me the runway is at the other end of the airport.

It also happens on approach too, when you have a flight plan that is designed to land at the active runway, only for the ATC to clear you for the other runway at the other end.

Apparently, this is a common issue coming from Drzewiecki design.

I have to agree on that, it also has a United A350 lol.