Drzwiecki Designs Tokyo Narita 40% off

On sale for the Olympics. At 40% off, now is the time to pick up this airport from your favorite distributor. Here is the SimMarket link: simMarket: DRZEWIECKI DESIGN - RJAA TOKYO NARITA MSFS.

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I wonder if they already fixed the inverted runway assignment?

I took advantage and bought it. Will try to fly to it tonight. Lets hope we get more discounts with the release of SU5!

One of the best payware airports in my opinion. It’s a steal for 40 bucks

The only issue I have with this developer is just the inverted runway assignment and too many static aircrafts, making it harder for us to start at any gate we want.

Yea I noticed the inverted runway issue too.

The static aircraft I actually really love as it makes the airport feel like an actual hub filled with planes. I understand the frustration though especially for vatsim.

I guess it’s annoying for me because I already have 100+ aircraft liveries configured for AI traffic. They would get populated with proper liveries anyway. But I do understand if other players don’t have any liveries installed that it would take away from the immersion.

But for me, having the static are actually taking away from my immersion. Perhaps an option between with static and without static that we can choose which ones to install.

Similar to how AXONOS YPPH which released a static-free version for people who don’t like having them.

It is alwayspossible to simply remove the static aircraft files from the scenery folder

true… but that wouldn’t free up the gates and parking to be usable, right?