DSR Feature with latest Nvidia Driver

Hi there, did some of you tried the new DSR Feature for RTX graphics cards which came with the newest nvidia driver? In my oppinion it works very very good. The frame rates are very fine and the textures actualy seem to look a lot sharper. I use a RTX3070 on a 1080p Monitor.

Absolutely fantastic, although my gpu memory temps are nudging higher.

I have installed the driver and would like to try the DSR feature…

My question is how to configure the various screen resolution settings for optimal DSR results?

My current setup:

  • Monitor 2560x1440
  • MSFS in full screen
  • MSFS full screen resolution 2560x1440
  • MSFS rendering scale 100%

Thanks and br

Its to increase your 1440 to 4k or anywhere between really, there’s no real benefit with a 1440 or 4k monitor, ideally for 1080

Yes, it`s for 1080 or lower. Basicly it optimized the presentation of high res textures on low resolution displays. In your case, there is no much benefit, as already said, because your native resolution is pretty high. I recommend the article on the home page of Nvidia. They explained it better.
There is also explained how to activate this feature.

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