Dual pilot setup

So if you are using FS2020 as a “real” flight sim by say using something like FlyByWires A32X mod there comes a time where it would eventually be a good ide to be two manning the cockpit. Any chance you are considering making that happen? You could even take this to the next step by qualifying to be first a F.O and the Captain. Like in the real world… (but not for 7-12 years, please…)
So basically a way to share the cockpit - either for just flying or for flight instructions/teaching…

I’ve thought about this with VR. It would be awesome to be able to fly the plane using my cockpit (yoke, rudders, etc) and then have a second person enjoy the flight through VR.

Hi @Annolago - Does this topic cover your request?

There is an Excellent “Share Cockpit” App now out there for MSFS.

It works amazing well … (far better than the old one for FSX)

Read the instructions… takes a little to configure correctly and get connected, but when you do, it works extremely well.

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