Dual T16000M setup erroneously treated as one joystick

Hi all,

Because I’m a lefty and I haven’t found a left-handed HOTAS setup, I use two T16000M’s as my setup.

This works fine in, for example, Elite Dangerous - although the UI doesn’t let me know which joystick is which, I can bind both joysticks independently.

However, although MSFS2020 shows both sticks in the UI, any bindings made for one stick are effectively bound for both.

If I attempt to fly in this configuration, the left and right joysticks and all buttons perform identically - it’s as if there’s only one joystick.

If I try and bind the left joystick Z slider to throttle, and then try and bind the right joystick Z slider to trim, it tells me I’m going to overwrite a control, and indeed I’ll end up with both Z sliders controlling trim and no throttle control.

I will submit this as a bug - but wondering whether anyone has had a similar experience?



I have two T1600M’s as well, but I am able to bind them independently. Each shows up as their own device when mapping. Try making two different profiles under the device name and assigning controls that way. I use one off to the side for some camera controls and the other for flying.

Ah, thanks EWB - I hadn’t thought of it that way round but I see what you’re saying.
I’ve got the same profile applied to each stick, haven’t I.
Must admit, I find the control mapping interface a bit overwhelming.

I will try this later today.

This was reported in Alpha 1 as a bug. I think many times and also in reference to dual 16000’s. No harm in sending it again.

Yes - there’s no bug here, just me mis-reading the user interface.

Any great solution for elevator trim with this setup? I find the z-slider just doesn’t have enough range… hmm.