Dubai Landmarks causes loading screen to stop completely

Just tried to fly from Dubai OMDB or Dubai Skydive Airfield but after initiating the loading screen FS stops completely during the startup screen is loading the flight. Is this issues already known and or does anybody here haviong the same error? Only way to get back is closing MSFS via CTRL-ALT-DEL command.

Bit nerving but it seems FS have many bugs currently. Also when flying with TBM, the steering wheel is turning left in the cockpit when fliying a right hand turn and initiating this by pressing the joystick on the right side :slight_smile:
Would be nice to get support for fixing the error / hangupo with Dubai Lanmdmark scenery.

Many thanks

If you search for Moscow Landmarks you’ll find the same problem :frowning:

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Hi I flew from Dubai payware to Mumbai two days ago in WT CJ4 had no issues loading, flight went ok. That was city scape Dubai and Mumbai. But other flights I have had flights stop half way through loading my start position.

Landing at Dubai Skydive will cause a CDT every time. Been like it since SU5 dropped. Orbx need to pull their fingers out and get it fixed.

Get the update from Central, seems they fixed the issue:

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The problem of being stuck in loading is only with the marketplace versions of scenarios

this good news and I really hope the update will be released for the marketplace versions soon too. a bit strange that the CTD is only on the marketplace version.

It’s due to a new cryptography version in SU5 :frowning:

By the way, it seems that all airports are crashing by a CTD at Dubai, selceted several airports at Dubai, even OMDB is crashing. Update still not available in MS marketplace, I guess this will be released on Tuesday with the WU6 update I guess. As long is I know that there is an update coming I can live with it. FS2020 is such a great and fantastic VR experience and the sim we always dreamt of in the past. I’m totally impressed how quick the improvements are delivered and I’m not having any problems with bugs as long as I know Asobo is working on the issues :-).

I still can’t load DXB, the loading screen hangs and the MSFS2020 has to be restarted. I hope the problem is also related to the SU10 update.

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I’m the same, might ask the Orbx team for advice.

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in the meantime it runs again, reinstalled the ORBX Scenery and now it runs again…

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Thanks, I’ll try this too. Might just be a small thing with all the updates.

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Indeed, problem fixed. I reinstalled the scenery and also let MSFS regenerate the SceneryIndexes*.dat