Dubrovnik disappointing

As the title suggests, when flying the Bush trips across the Balkan I was looking forward to coming across the historic old town of Dubrovnik, only to find it being a seemingly AI-induced, generic modell. Quite a missed opportunity there…

Just as a reference: Croatia.hr

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There are many “missed opportunities”, but it has nothing to do with MSFS but simply with the data available on Bing. As soon as they add more photogrammetry cities to Bing, I’m sure they will also be appearing in the sim.
Until then we have to live with whatever the algorithms (some call it “AI”) create. Probably these will also improve, including better auto-generation of landmarks (churches for instance).

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I agree with you that we are mostly dependent on what Bing Maps can deliver. Nonetheless there are POIs implemented that you cannot find on Bing Maps (take London as an example), which is why I would assume (and please correct me if I’m factually wrong here) that Asobo does include landmarks and POIs from their own side, or at least from a different source material.
Since MSFS puts the pilots into direct contact with these areas (with the Bush Flights), there is at least some priority to places like Dubrovnik to be included, but you are correct that this problem exists alswhere just as well.