Dude, where's my airplane? Oh yeah, I left it in Florida. (AKA Persistent Aircraft Sessions)

I would like to see aircraft exist in the MSFS universe at a persistent location between sessions, as well as persisting tail numbers and settings. Opening up the World Map could show where my fleet of aircraft are. There’s several reasons for this:

  1. This allows for multi-legged journeys over the course of several days.
  2. Ability to retain persistent CG settings, PFD settings, tail number, etc.
  3. More personalized experience. There’s a psychological reaction to having “my plane” where I left it, and building up a fleet as part of the MSFS experience. I believe this is what the “My Hangar” feature is attempting to replicate, but fell short of.

Of course, you should still have the ability to spawn the aircraft anywhere on a whim.

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