Dumb question... Seeing other apps in VR

Let’s keep this simple. I want to do more than this, but let’s start with one small thing and go from there.

I’d like to be able to see Navigraph in my VR session. Other things, too, but one thing at a time. Simple.

Is that possible, and if so, how do I do it?

Many thanks in advance!

If running in SteamVR with and index or similar it has no native way of doing it… But of course steam being steam has a program you can buy…(OVR ToolKit)

I guess the Mix Reality headsets have it built in… I don’t know the details though.

PS: The problem with the OVR ToolKit is that it uses the wands or knuckles… And that stuff does not work at all in MSFS.

What headset?

For Oculus search in youtube “oculus external window in vr” (it’s a oculus home built-in functionality)

For steamvr search yt vids: “ovr toolkit tutorial”
(ovr toolkit costs around 15 bucks iirc)

Reverb G2…

Has anyone figured it out yet? The standard WMR way doesn’t seem to work since there is an OXR layer in between.
This is for Reverb G2 running the windows store version of MSFS.

I managed to get an entire desktop into VR with me, but it had FS on it that made it largely useless. What I would like to have is the ability to bring in individual apps (e.g. Navigraph, a PDF reader, LittleNavMap, etc.), or other things that I would ordinarily run on my second monitor, but since I’m in VR-land, I can’t see my 2nd monitor.

Mostly for approach plates, SIDs, STARs, and enroute and/or sectional charts.

But the truth is I haven’t played with it enough to say I am even close to knowing what I’m doing. As a primary example, I haven’t even figured out how to use SteamVR to launch MSFS without it going through WMR. Then again, I haven’t exactly been focused on that.

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It was possible to do exactly that using the WMR start menu overlay inside the cockpit. It’s broken with the latest update but of people would actually ask for it it may get supported again… (Reverb G2 + openXR without additional program)

EDIT: I created a bug report in the forum for the WMR people to upvote if they want to see apps in VR again: WMR start menu overlay crashes VR mode

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Kind of a side-door entry into this thread but as I consider my question “dumb” as well and only now getting close to purchasing my first headset (Oculus Quest 2), I thought I’d try here…

Is there an issue with running the Q2 with MFS even though I don’t have the steam version of the sim? I’m assuming that would be a huge deal breaker so probably not… I guess that’s where WMR comes in?


Quest with Link is the same as Rift and can be used with either the MS store or the Steam version of FS.
One difference is the MS store version has the installed files protected whereas the Steam version doesn’t (I think), which affects the way you use the Oculus Tray Tool (a tool to help with some of the jitters in the sim). I have the MS store version of FS just because I like to minimise services running for any given program, so this avoids invoking Steam.

As to the OP, don’t know how to do this for the G2 but as Beginner311 says, Dash for Oculus headsets lets you have a PC window of your choice permanently displayed in a VR app.

Thanks DaftnDirect. When you say “which affects the way you use the Oculus Tray Tool”, do you mean that in a negative sense or just a different way in using it?

And you mentioned “link” which I assume is the connected cable that Oculus wants $80 for. Can one substitute a regular USB C cable with the same performance?

Yes, any Link capable USB cable will do, maybe check out the Oculus forums for recommendations. OTT lets you set profiles for each game to adjust various parameters, with FS most people get better performance setting ASW to 30 in OTT but because the FS files are protected in the MS store version, you can’t set up a game profile so you just leave OTT open with no profile and ASW set to 30, no big deal really.

Anyway, we probably hijacked the thread too much, sorry OP !

Gotcha. Thanks again and now I too will bow out fearing too much of a thread jack. Sorry OP and for fwiw, I didn’t consider your question dumb at all :wink:

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Really need something for Reverb G2 and similar …

Feel free to upvote that bug for visibility. They should be able to fix this again.

There is a temporary workaround. Enter VR mode in the menu and use the WMR overlay (win+y to activate WMR control and then win for overlay) while in the MSFS menu. You can make the window “follow” you (it’s usually the button top right). It’ll still be in the cockpit. Don’t forget to deactivate WMR controls with win+y once you have positioned the window inside the cockpit. Otherwise you may get kicked out of VR again when pressing win button accidentally.

I’ve not tried it yet in FS2020 but there is maybe an alternative:

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