Duxford Airfield EGSU ****UPDATE3***

It’s the best freeware airport I’ve ever seen, in VR it’s a joy to walk around, just like visiting the real place.


Duxford Scenery now updated to version 3

Same download link

Clicking on the download button will give two options, make sure you select EGSU Duxford Airfield COMPLETE EDITION V3 and remove older Version2 from your community folder.


Beautiful work. Enjoying the C-47 in the BBMF livery at Duxford:

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Any news on whether this great airport is coming to the marketplace i.e. available on Xbox?

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I’m afraid this scenery will not make it to the market place, sorry.

I don’t suppose you’d consider making it available for XBox?
I confess to having no idea what you’d have to do to make it compatible and/or to get it on the marketplace.
Yesterday, I flew the C-47 from Upottery (from Band of Brothers - strip is visible but not modelled) to Duxford.
Enjoyable flight, but kinda sad to arrive to the default scenery.

I believe the problem is this scenery is freeware, and the Marketplace does not accept freeware.

IIRC some authors put their freeware products on the Marketplace at the minimum price (5$), but I don’t know whether it’s worth the hassle.