DVD Installation is a catastrophe

New - out of the box DVDs - 3. DVD would not load - copied DVD onto SSD and carried on installing from there.
Screen says I need a Microsoft Account - which I register for
Click on email notification
Screen says put in DVD code - do that
Installation finished - screen shows “install xbox” - did that - get xbox welcome screen.
Eventually find MS Flight Sim logo - click on it - screen says I own Flight Sim !
click on “Play”
Screen says Install update (1GB !)
Downloaded - click on Play
Get first splash video of Flight Sim
wait until I get nice picture of plane - screen says looking for Updates
Update is 16GB (!!!) - went and made a cup of tea
Update downloading …
… etc

I have the DVD version and it installed and runs fine for me.
Depends on your broadband speed I suppose. I have 38MBs

The installation speed is not what I am complaining about - it´s the fact that the installation process is unduly complicated and involves a certain amount of ingenuity, guesswork, knowledge, intuition and persistence in order to get it working. I have been working with computers since before the Internet was born and this is the worst installation that I have encountered to date.

It’s standard nowadays though. When you buy a physical copy of a PC game it’s pretty much always a code to tie to an account that you might not have, that usually is in a launcher that you might have to install, you install from the discs and then it all redownloads a significant part of what you just installed since stuff has been fixed since the media was pressed several weeks before release…
Been like that for almost a decade.

yeah been like this for years i remember the days going into buy a game from the store and it was in its normal type case. inside the case you used to get a leaflet with a code to pop into steam for example to download the game.

DVD installation also gave me a lot of trouble. Screen freezes always at start screen " lookind for updates. I´ve installed it three times always no way to play it.
Then I deleted all installation ( DVD ) and online.
I installed DVD content in a new folder directly to C: or D:
After this i got the screen ebter your DVD code. I entered this. Code is already used.
I opened Microsoft store. Click on the three points upper right corner. Download and Updates.
Click on " all I own " upper left corner.
there is your flight simulator programm click on install.
Finally there is an update when you start Flightsimulator. (can be large depending on the version you own)
After all these steps flight simulator runs perfect.

The only reason to get the dvd version is to have something physical to show off, once a few updates roll out you’re pretty much going to have to download the entire game so there is no advantage.

I did not have to download 90GB of data to run the sim. I expect to have to download updates. That is the way it is. No big deal.