DX12 + DLSS 2.0 support for MSFS 2020?

Hello. I really like this simulator.
I hope that the developers will add two very important technologies to the game.

    • DX12
    • nVidia DLSS 2.0
      This will give all of us a better frame rate. And the game will run much smoother.
      Write what you think about it?

(sry my English).


My understanding is that DX12 will be later. I’m not sure if there’s any communication related to DLSS 2.0.

Directx12 came out in 2015, that was 5 years ago. What’s more troubling is that Directx11 came out in 2009, think Windows 7 so I’m surprised a Microsoft title would be this behind in technology iterations.

A fair guess (and nothing but a guess) is together with the XBox Series X launch, as XSX uses DX12 Ultimate as its graphics API.

Maybe that’s that ~80GB update that everyone sees ready to download tonight :wink:

I’m kidding. I don’t know why they didn’t just build it in DX12 to begin with.

They’d probably only do that for the MS Store purchases :laughing:

They started development of this simulator in early 2016 and moving from one DirectX version to another isn’t just a simple press of a button. So for me it is totally understandable that they are using an “old” version of DirectX. :upside_down_face:

I’m guessing they started with the FSX code base and dusted off and polished up the “experimental” DX11 mode that was there, gutted the terrain to put in the bing maps stuff, and updated whatever else they could within some fixed budget and time. This project probably got the green light because it’s promoting bing and azure. I mean, it’s a worthy successor and all, but there’s probably code in there that goes back to 1982.

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They actually talk about that in the interview last year that I linked in my post above. Lionel says that they use their own proprietary engine and merged it with the FSX stuff.

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