DX12 regression since SU11 - RESOLVED

I have been trying to use popout windows since the product was released. In SU10 finally the FPS hit of up to 50% seemed resolved when running in DX12 and I was able to pop out instruments with maybe 1 or 2 frames lost - perfectly usable.

In SU11 it is how it was pre SU10 - whether in DX11 or DX12, popping out one instrument causes and immediate 50% framerate drop.


To provide some good news. I updated my Nvidia driver to the latest from Nov 16 and pop-outs are working again in DX12. Excellent news!

Some less good news - 4hrs into a 5+ hour flight I had a hard CTD - usual sound breakup 2 or 3 times then straight to desktop. At the time I was running DX12 with 3 instruments popped out.

This is the first CTD I’ve had for over a week now. I am very nervous about redoing this flight in DX12 so may revert (again) :frowning: