DX12 with AMD Hardware

I was wondering if anyone with AMD hardware has decent DX12 performance with MSFS.

My Radeon 6800XT MBE, which is by no means a weak card, has a very hard time with MSFS and DX12. The frame rate is abysmally bad, getting smooth rendering for about half a second at the time, followed by few seconds of terrible choppiness.

I spare you the effects in VR - basically unusable.

I understand this is still beta… but there’s a limit.

To be clear, I use DX11. I just want to know if all AMD users having tried it have the same observations.

DX12 is beta and it’s nowhere near as optimized as DX11 at this time.

Come on man… its beta. Use dx11 until its out of Beta

Thanks for the tip… I already only use DX11.

Was just wondering if everybody with AMD hardware had the same awful performance.
It seems nVidia cards fare better as this time.

Nvidia performance is poop too. The developers can’t just take a DX11 renderer and slap a DX12 sticker on it. Many parts of the code need to be rewritten and tuned.

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yeah i have a RTX 3080 with a Ryzen 7 5800x and they dx12 runs fine in 2d but drops frames when you look around on VR it runs fine for a few seconds before dropping lots of frames, im using a vive pro 2 dx11 is way more stable all round with the same frame rate

I have a RTX 2060 Super and for me the DX12-beta runs stable now (did not in the past).
BUT to make it run stable at 30 FPS I have to set ground scenery details to as low as 100. I used to play on 400 all the time but with DX12 no chance it lags horrible. If you turn down them details a bit, then it works with DX12 also.

So it is your decision where the tradeoff is okay with you :slight_smile:

Hey, even if this thread is already a couple of months old, I just wanted to chime in.

I have a Ryzen 7 5800X together with a PowerColor 6900XT and 32GB RAM. And yes, also my performance is horrible with DX12 for the time being. It’s not so much really bad framerates that make the game unplayable, though I have to say that my FPS drop around 15 to 20% when DX12 is active. But it’s still in the area of decent playability, showing around 35 to 40 FPS. With DX11 I am on a stable 45 to 50 FPS in 1080p, all on Ultra and with terrain detail 300.

What’s more bugging are the constant stutters. I normally test this with the external view of the drone.

With DX11 you have your usual stutters when the connection is shoveling new satellite imagery into the VRAM. They happen here and there but it’s nothing that gives you serious issues when playing. Also, I have to say that after a fresh system installation I still didn’t optimize my connection settings for the Microsoft servers.

With DX12, however, it becomes a stutter-and-freeze fest: supposedly every 0,25 secs you have a little stutter for a few miliseconds when flying low over ground. This stops immediatly when you come to a halt. If you rotate the drone now it’s much better. But then every 3-4 seconds I get a short freeze approx 0,5 seconds, always at the same coincidental position of 360° angle. Where it occurrs heavily depends on the current scenery but so far, for every test I used San Francisco Intl. and Bay Area, because of the high amount scenery and photogrammetry. The worst part though is a very big freeze for a around 15-20 seconds every 15-20 minutes. Here the game stops completely and it feels the same like when it’s about CTD. But then it continues.

Even if everybody else pointed out that DX12 is universes away from being usable and full of kid’s deseases at this time, no matter what kind of GPU platform (Team Red or Team Green) you’re using, I just wanted to add my 2 cents.

BTW: VRAM usage on my GPU goes up to 12 or 13 GB with DX12. Apart form the fact, that AMD currently still bites the dust with RT (i hope for FSR 2.0 to even this out a little soon), I am very glad that my card has this insane amount of 16GB of VRAM and that I didn’t switch to Team Green - and their very questionable customer politics.

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Bumping this thread.

Has anyone here with AMD tried DX12 on SU10 beta? Almost all of the talk about great DX12 on SU10 Beta 1 and poor DX12 on the following beta releases seems to be Nvidia focused. What about AMD experiences?

6900xt. At the beginning of the SU10 Beta I was just using DX12 with a single monitor and no problems. In fact, it seemed to be slightly better than DX11.

However, once I added a 2nd monitor (using the new experimental feature) hard crash on startup as soon as the 2nd monitor become active with DX12 so I had to go back to DX11 for multi-monitor. I tried this again a few days ago with latest beta and latest AMD drivers and still an issue.

So if you are just single monitor I’d say it’s worth a try as it worked well for me there.

I do have a dual monitor system, but I only run the sim on one, and use the other for maps and browser. My sim monitor runs on my 6800XT and my other monitor runs on my iGPU.

Which is basically confirming that DX12 performance is still ■■■■. Otherwise no reduction of settings would be necessary…

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ASUS 6800XT 9900K Reverb V2 64GB Samsung 4k Monitor Win10

SU10 Beta DX12

works great

2D in 4k 50-60 FPS

VR (downscaled ~2160x2160, AMD sharpen 165%)
big gate, big airport, vehicles 100%, FPS 28, taxi FPS 32, takeoff FPS 40, high FPS 45+

Steady, smooth

SU10 B1 was great in VR, SU10 B3 less great, Asobo trying to fix this now.

Here’s what Jayne just said on a recent post about the new SU10 Beta that is supposed to drop tomorrow:

As per the discussion in yesterday’s Developer Q&A, we are also working with NVIDIA on driver related issues affecting DX12 memory optimizations, and will re-enable those changes once a fix is in place.

Again, this statement is nVidia specific. So does that mean AMD GPU owners do not have DX12 memory optimization issues, or does this mean AMD just doesn’t have DX12 optimizations at all?

I just tried DX12 again with the latest MSFS version (

Surprisingly, for the first time, it is now playable with performance close to the DX11 mode. It does still have some minor glitches but, the gains are so important that I can now foresee a near future with DX12 as the primary playing mode.

They really did a very good optimization job here.

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I have a power color 6800XT and a R9 5900X processor and I switched over to DX12 after the su11 update
and it’s running pretty smooth on all ultra but I’m starting to think that DX12 is causing problems with
my card because one time the sim froze after about an hour into a flight. and then tonight it went crazy
and the frames dropped down to about 15 frames but didn’t quit, I looked over at my CPU and saw that the fans completely quit running on my GPU so I turned on afterburner and the GPU was no longer being used.
went back to the welcome screen and the GPU started working again so I think it’s DX12 causing this.
so I’m going back to DX11 and see if it happens again.

DX12 performance is light years ahead of DX11 for me. 5900X, 6900XT, 32GB 3600MHz. Predominantly this is because of smoothness. DX11 is a stuttery mess with mad MainThread spikes. No such problem with DX12. I suspect the 12 API takes a lot more workload off the CPU and also better utilises modern multi core processors. The performance graphs look very different for me with 12.

The only downside is the widely reported ground texture bug. But to be honest I’m living with this for now, it’s worth putting up with for the vastly improved performance. Hope they fix it soon.


Much better performance with DX12 over DX11 using an RX6800. Even better than my RTX 2060 Super. I think the extra vram helps too!
Less stuttering too!

Fps dev mode tool used(TAA used @3440x1440)
DX11 in a discovery flight I tested= 45fps
DX12 same discovery flight= lower latency 55fps :open_mouth:

What’s keeping from using DX12 besides the texture bug is the gpu usage dropping to 0% preventing the sim from loading my flight!!

I’m getting great performance with AMD hardware using DX12 and using FSR2. I just posted a chart of my results in another thread here.