Dynamic Graphics Settings: Expose TLOD/OLOD/Clouds/etc via Simconnect L:vars

Agreed. The more options, the more flexibility, the more we can get out of MSFS. IMHO having the option of changing parameters like you mention will pretty much cater for all usage scenarios.

Interestingly Sebastian Wloch alluded to dynamic LOD being an interesting concept (that is already implemented on Xbox) in this week’s developer live stream.

Ideally it should be an option that can be enabled, not enforced.


If a picture is worth a thousand words… :wink:

I increased my TLOD to 1000 (higher anltitude 5000 and above) and OLOD to 1000. It’s like the sim we all knew at launch, just gorgeous and very detailed including at high altitude.

Surprisingly at KLAX with both FSLTL 40% traffic and AI planes online set to on. I’m getting very good smoothness. At ground level my TLOD is set to 300 but OLOD remains at 1000


  1. What resolution?
  2. Which aircraft?
  3. What CPU/GPU?
  4. To get TLOD and LOD to 1000 you must have edited the UserCfg.opt file, right?
    Does that change the sliders to give you that range?

I know smoothness is king. But I’m curious what your FPS/latency is in your KLAX scenario.

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I was curious what sort of improvement I might get if such a feature was made available. I picked a big airport and a fairly complex airliner as a baseline, so KORD (Premium package) and FBW A320 development version. I checked both internal (cockpit) FPS and external FPS. My graphics settings are primarily high and ultra.

System: i5-13600K @ 5.4 GHz. RX 6800XT, 32 GB 3600 MT/s DDR4, 3440x1440p Ultra-wide.
Setup: KORD Gate B19, Multiplayer on, real-time weather (was clear). Engines/Avionics running.

TLOD 50, Int/Ext fps = 45 / 60
TLOD 250, Int/Ext fps = 35 / 41
TLOD 400, Int/Ext fps = 29 / 34

I usually fly with TLOD at 250 and leave it unchanged throughout my flights, be they low VFR or high IFR. I don’t’ like messing with it. So this would be a great feature!


Anything above 400/200, which is all the GUI will allow, can be done by hand editing the usercfg.opt file.

What I found over time was the smoothness of the sim trumped the visuals, so I was happy to accept reduced draw distance for a more pleasing experience. I think getting a head tracker contributed to this shift. Anyone who uses one will know what’s it feels like as the frame rate drops.



PMDG 737-800

I9 11900k RTX4090

You can edit the CFG file to get 1000 yes. You can start off with 300 TLOD and 400 OLOD and see if that gets you good visuals with good performance if 1000 is too harsh on your system. You can lower by 100 or 200 increments to give you the right balance

I didn’t pay attention to the sliders if they changed. However you could see the immense visual improvement while flying especially, cities look like real cities, mountains look very detailed, just everything looks spectacular.

My FPS with everything complex in dense area gives me between 15-29 FPS depending which view I’m facing. But I don’t worry much about it because it’s quite smooth overall. And of course with less dense scenery I experience extremely butter smooth performance.

I clean out nvidia caches, disk cleanup and scannow after each sim update. Began doing this few weeks ago and let me tell you that made a massive difference in performance here’s the YouTube video on how to proceed: https://youtu.be/KpgcQofSNZ4?si=FSPpofAVlO8mMKBZ

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I don’t even know what you guys are talking about. In heavy airports the FPS is horrible with 100 TLOD, and you’re talking about 800 - 1000 TLOD. From which planet your systems come from? I have a 3080 RTX and a i7@5.00 Ghz.

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You can get away with high LOD at high altitude, not on the ground, unless you have a very strong CPU, and perhaps not even then.

Look through this thread and you will see people describe the relationship between altitude, and LOD.

I voted for, but i must say it confuse me and with that comes some frustration.

Im on dx12 my intel arc 770 phantom has 16 gb vram
my processor is an older and dated intel I7 3930K 3,20Ghz
my Mobo is same dated msi X79A-GD65 (8D)
and my Ram 32 Gb 1600Mhz
and my network fibre 1Gb internet
Win10 and in beta .8

I play at 400 Tlod and 400 Olod everywhere with decent performance zoomed in at 93 because and with multiscreen monitors, tweak my controllers for C172sp-Classic as is my favorite default plane

Lod is essential to me and i have experiment a lot with this
I have seen mark his video, and read the comments on this topic. (Unfortunatly he is just showing Heathrow Airport in his video, but explains very well)

But it confuses me, because my experience especially with Tlod for everything seems different than what most people claim to see.
(In no way im a computer expert, and this old macine is a mesh but all i knowi have learned by trail and error)
In Photogrammetry and TIN areas Tlod is very good on 400 and higher but uses a lot of vram
I can go up on this system to 700 and it uses far over 20gb of vram in comination with shared memory, but i also notice that Olod is not that important in these particular places so i can dumb this down to the lowest but i set it to 80
Also have the rolling cache active on a 240gb 2.5 inch ssd internal harddrive
with 50gb cachefile and no other things related to msfs so no activity there if rolling cache is off
But when activated is see on taskmanager high activity when load in and than is working contiously
at 1% up to 4% reading and writing speeds are variable.
And this works very well for these photogrammetry and tin and iron out stutters
Even below 20fps in dev mode but smooth with an occasional stutter
But never experienced ctd freezes or so with this on this pc
So i cannot complain at all.

But if i lower Tlod to let say 200 or less for sure fps goes up but scenery goes bloppy and melted
Im sure you all are aware

Any way when leaving these area all i has to do is to turn rolling cache off and otherwise it get stuttery.

And yes if i get rolling cache at the same disk as msfs it wont work that well but different disk is for me different story. and also up my Olod

So to stay on topic Olod is on the othe hand more Ram dependable and uses more when increasing
Been around 28Gb and also cpu percentage of use is going up

To change Lod and Rolling Cache, you must do it through UI

Also if you go to experimental section it is possible to create and open a crashdump or MSFSreport txt file
with settings of use like lod numbers fibres used olod tlod settings etc

Specifically for photogrammetry, I have found that higher TLOD settings don’t always resolve the melted chocolate issue. Sometimes running a higher TLOD seems to make PG go high-LOD further out, but sometimes it does not. In London, for example, buildings are melted until you’re more or less on top of them even at TLOD 400 (I’ve never tried going higher in the config file). I think (pure speculation only) this is due to the PG data basically being all-or-nothing, that is, there’s no intermediate LODs for middle-distance.

And on my relatively beastly machine, TLOD > 100 will tank my FPS or introduce stutters in heavily built-up areas like central London. 15FPS, smooth or not, is not something I can put up with.

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That London photogrammetry is something i do not understand because
Simmers with high end systems struggle with this a lot.
However i find that if it is set on high Tlod and turn Olod low, in combination with rolling cache
give spectacular view but i must say that i fly above the city high to low at bridge/street level and
filling rolling cache file, this i do standard if i delete cache once it is filled building are no longer melted, also im very zoomed in with view so fov is more narrow actually but with headtracking this does not matter for it follows where ever my eyes actually headmovement takes me to look
With the fun part when focus on a building and see the interiour drift by.
Also this helps with rendering in my point of perspective because although on multiscreen t focus with this focal technics create more overhead and when i start looking around all is loaded in place.

I stopped worry over fps and occasional stutter, i find smooth plane movement more important
Specially when i give rudder and deflect my ailerons to controle which i can do because i look of center and that gives a very good feel. ( still dont know if i fly or if matched to real live,
It was many years ago since i had a trail lesson irl, but the feel is there i sence.

And while im writting this there is another thing i must share,
Have my terrain resolution set to high instead of ultra, maybe this is or makes a big difference.
Actually that is the only setting that makes the sim needs a restart before it can be used with this set

And reading this makes me frustrated as well and feel bad for those on high end pc , because i cannot understand this and i to invested in more pc’ s having multi copy of msfs with there own xbox account, but in a certain way they perform in speed and image somelike the same as my old system while this should not be the case.



Personal Comments and Observations

London is not a good test case. It’s been mentioned several times since that WU that Jorg acknowledged the quality is not there and they’re revisiting the area once they have better data.

The best urban PG to date is still WU Australia. Look at Sydney and Melbourne. Even from a distance, the skyline is distinct and holds shape, never devolving into polygons. Up close the mix of handcrafted POI and PG hold up really really well.

There are just certain areas of the world that don’t have good PG. Some of that has to do with dataset age - the older the WU, the less likely the PG holds up over time. However there are some areas that are just problematic. London and Canada come to mind.

I fully support, and voted, for this request to expose those variables officially through Simconnect. I now know for sure it will bring a pretty Quality of Life improvement for our favorite Flying Simulation. If Asobo devs don’t want to do it, that’s OK, just let some Gurus do their magic!

My question submission for the next dev stream:

Let’s talk about more about dynamic graphics settings in general, Simconnect access to graphics quality settings and dynamic graphics algorithms on the PC platform. Can we have access to the applicable variables or will we be forced to use a canned first party algorithm? Please allow full access such that a third party can be creative with a solution! Don’t force the Xbox algorithm on everyone and deem it “solved”.


That would be a fair argument to make, that the PC, and XBox versions can, and should, be divergent where applicable, and possible.

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