E-Jets Series combined with FSLTL not fluent

Altough I like the Adventum E-Jets Series, models are great, bit shiny paintwork, they don’t fit in the FSLTL-package (off-line) without annoying stutters. I’ve tested different airports in Europe and everytime I combine their package with FSLTL it ends up as a stutterfest.
They appear in the injector and in the air/on the ground, but give awfull stutters. This package is developed as Real Live Traffic, maybe that’s the culprit.
Both packages are on their latest update. Do I something wrong or is it simply not possible to merge those packages and just wait until FSLTL update their aircraft/more models?


they do an update that fixed the microstutters. But i have uninstalled it completely now as its conflicting with something and causes crashes in live or fstl. Since uninstalling it i have no crashes.

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