Early access to Public beta is out

The last group of beta testers have been allowed early access

Gotcha. So that last group of invited beta testers was invited to participate in this beta test a few days early - so as I suspected, it’s not (yet) a real “public beta” at all.

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Exactly. The OPs post title is misleading as it isn’t ‘out’.

Yeah, technically correct. I think they let us in early because the testing plan for the last beta got changed and at the time they said we’d automatically be given access to the next test version.

You are not wrong. Clouds seem a lot better to me too. Flying through very interesting and beautiful weather right now in Italy.


Just to confirm, this is a public beta for what will be coming out in Feb 2022,

So if you do not install this beta, you will not get any updates to your sim , to possibly fix the existing issues, till Feb 2022 ?

can you share pictures ?

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Feb is SU8, that does not necessarily mean there will be no updates till then.


I’m not expecting anything. This release is probably just to correct the bigger bugs from SU7. I think bush trips are more likely to be addressed in the formal SU8.

Should become clearer when they publish the release notes, presumably on Monday.

Argh! Purple squares and CTD on first flight! At about 4000ft leaving KEWR.

Otherwise, looked great. Nice that accessibility options don’t get reset anymore though.

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No. This is a beta for an unscheduled patch for the mess they made of SU7. No specific release date planned, but likely in the next couple of weeks as per the devblog post from Thursday.


No stability issues here yet - touch wood! Cloudscapes certainly seem improved, looks beautiful now as I’m descending towards Liverpool using live weather and time


Why does MSFS life have to be so complicated ?
Thank you for correcting by incorrect assumptions :+1:


Tell me about it. :confused:


Can xbox players play the beta version?

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What do I have to do to get access?

Will steam users be able to use the public Beta?

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No, we can’t unfortunately

Instructions are in Thursdays development update. Last group of beta testers have early access, everyone else can get it on Monday if they want (its entirely optional)