Early access to Public beta is out

No, it’s an open Beta only for MS Store and XBox users. Final version and release to general population TBD.

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Probably do a full reinstall Monday. I’ve had a couple of CTD’s today. Have not had an issue with them for a looooong time. 99.100% sure it is on my end. Started jacking with the video card setting this morning. Improved the FPS and smoothness a fair bit but seems FS don’t like one of the tweaks.

Anyway, getting off topic. Reset card back to defaults. Full reinstall Sunday night. Nothing at all in the Community folder. See what happens.

Hopefully there will be a separate hotfix pushed out for Steam users

When the Hotfix is released to general population, it will be for all users regardless of where they bought the sim or PC/XBox.


So there’s a pre-release release of the Monday public beta today and a full release of the public beta on Monday which will eventually become a proper release at some point, as yet undefined?

Or have I still got it wrong?

Oh and you called it a hotfix…which is what we have all been asking for but what the, December 2nd, 2021 Development Update referred to as, a Public Beta.

I am so confused right now.

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The beta is testing the patch (or Hotfix, choose your own nomenclature, it’s the same thing in this case).

This optional build includes fixes for several issues, including Track IR and VR controls.

This is not a scheduled release on the roadmap. SU8 remains on the calendar for February 2022.


Thank you, that does clear it up for me at least.

Can’t help thinking that it’s literally a hotfix, but with no responsibility if it messes something else up or doesn’t work, which is a fairly shrewd way of going about things, if you ask me.

I don’t mind what it’s called if it makes things better :slight_smile:

But seriously, I do see the fundamental difference, as this is OPTIONAL.

Which begs the question. If it’s OK for users to be running two different versions of the sim at one time, why have they not made previous SU’s as optional?. God how I would have loved to have gone back to SU6 after SU7 was released.

And released as soon as possible :laughing:

Since I’ve experienced some crashes as of late, I might as well beta test this one come Monday.
Looking forward to seeing the weather fix

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Downgrade your NVIDIA drivers. It’s a driver issue.


Fyi, still need to go developer mode and activate experimental NanoVG for XML Gauges to get the fps boost for the PMDG DC6.

No, these are likely hotfixes they want in a solid position before holiday. Keep in mind, Asobo is getting off for the holidays. They want the biggest bugs that cause people difficulty resolved so people can enjoy the sim during the holidays, but they also want things solid so they can enjoy their time off.


I haven’t heard about that, are there any side effects of switching that on eg for other planes?

Don’t disagree, but the clear intent here is to, at some point, bring the versions back together - so “temporarily optional” might be a better description.

But generally this feels like a positive move, especially if those who have been having issues go for the beta to make sure it really does fix they issues they’ve had and can contribute feedback

How can I become beta

I do not know. I would recommend just activating dev mode/NanoVG for this plane. And remember that nothing is added to your log in dev mode.

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Intruiged by this - can you give more info? Is this related to the issue created in SU6 (I think, might have been 5) where the DC-6 suffered an FPS hit? Can’t say I;ve noticed a huge problem of late, so I thought it had gone away. Maybe you are referring to another issue? Can you point me in the right direction?

It is exactly the fps hit suffered by DC6 in SU6 if memory serves.

OK, cool - will try this to see what impact it has. Thank you

Big big fps improvment. Just tested another flight butter smooth in dev mode. Barely flyable without.