Easier Add On Installation

I think myself and many other users would like the installation process for liveries, aircraft and scenery to be much easier, with just one or two clicks required. FS2020 should have a built in program that detects .zip folders and automatically installs and sets up the content. Another addition would be a section in the Marketplace where people can upload liveries, aircraft and scenery, payware and freeware for easy download.

Installing addons could not really be easier. Just put whatever you are installing in the community folder. Just copy and paste. Work great!


I also have trouble installing addons and stuff.
I unzipped the file, copied the unizzped folder to

… and nothing happens… the addon (in this case, some liveries) does not appear in the sim.

What am I doing wrong?

Maybe check that the folder you are copying into the Community folder is the one that the instructions tell you to.

Sometimes the folder of interest is contained inside another folder and if that is the one you copy, MSFS won’t be able to spot the mod.

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Okay, got it… turns out for some reason I have two Community folders… one in the installation path, and on where I wanted the game to install (don’t ask). Seems to work now.

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Just find the folder you need to put the addons in once, then just create a shortcut for it and put it on the desktop. Thats what I did, works great.

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