Easier-to-use instrument and avionics knobs

I don’t know if other people have had difficulty turning the knobs on the G1000 and other avionics, but I struggle mightily to use it, especially in-flight when the aircraft is bouncing around. You try clicking on a knob and then the aircraft moves slightly and your cursor is now off the knob. If you’re turning the knob with your mouse wheel, when the aircraft bounces, all of a sudden you find that you’ve now zoomed in or zoomed out.
I know there are a couple of Wishlist requests for key bindings for various cockpit elements, and I have voted for those, too. But if people want to use the mouse, I’d like to be able to do that without getting frustrated.

I’ve got this setup pretty much dialed in. The joystick is great; the HOTAS is adequate to good.

What I’ve done is to bind the VS Hold and Increase/Decrease functions to the set of three buttons on the right, and the Heading Hold and Increase/Decrease heading functions on the left set of three. That leaves two more rows of three on each side, plus the four buttons on the stick itself plus the hat. It’s removed much of the frustration of trying to deal with clicking the mouse while being jostled around on approach on a hot day.

Also, once you get a circular arrow hovering with the mouse, you can hold the left mouse button down to make the knob “twist.” Maybe everyone but me knew this; I just discovered that this weekend. That’s helped a bunch too, especially when on the ground setting up the aircraft during preflight prep.

I have a Virtual Fly G1000 that’s waiting around for compatibility with the sim. So I’m all set. (Or, more accurately, I will be all set.) But this wishlist item is less about me and more about the general usability of the sim.
And I didn’t know about the mouse thing until yesterday when I saw a YouTuber do it. So you’re not the only one!


this is really a pain right now, it’s almost impossible to use with weather

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We need to be able to map ALL the buttons/knobs from the g1000 to physical buttons. Right now only some of them are available. We really need the FMS knob and the softbuttons.

I have created a wishlist item to add more keybinding for the g1000. Please go upvote at the link below.


It would help if there was a way to toggle lock the mouse to its current position. Basically allowing it to move around with the aircraft, similar to grabbing. Zooming the view would then also be disabled.


One of the problems I find with most sims is that the mouse cursor changes appearance when you hover over a control that you can interact with. While this is helpful in showing you how the control will move (up arrow/down arrow on a switch, circular arrow on a rotary control), it means you lose the precision as to where exactly your mouse pointer is pointing! This aspect alone makes it harder to keep the mouse over the 3D knob during any camera movement or aircraft movement.

So far, out of all sims, I have found DCS to be the easiest to interact with in terms of the 3D cockpit. In that, the cursor is always precise as shown by the ‘+’ symbol, and it’s always clear exactly where the pointer is (centre of the cross). It’s not perfect and I do have difficult moments, but on the whole I find it’s much easier to operate those cockpits than any of FSX, X-Plane or MSFS.

As soon as we get a mappable axis for the zoom, I will remove the zoom control from the mouse wheel which will help save some frustration.

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Lots of good workaround solutions being posted here but I agree with the original poster, it would be great if the knobs weren’t so fiddly to use with a mouse. Larger click-spots would be a good place to begin.


I use the small thumb stick on top of the Logitech Extreme 3D to control increase / decrease, Plus and Minus mapped to up and down, left and right mapped to the heading bug.

Then I mapped ctrl, shift, w to set vs mode and select it for Plus, Minus
ctrl, shift, s to set flc mode and select it for Plus, Minus
ctrl, shift, a to select altitude for Plus, Minus

However to actually select the next airport the infernal knob needs to be clicked. It would help a lot if you could turn the tool tips off, or the name tags which only obscure the view. Response from the knob also depends of frame rate and stutters. I have the instruments set to high refresh rate, why is it still limited by the overall frame rate. Often I have to click 3 times before it registers my click.

It’s a choice between two bad situations. Use it on the ground while the plane isn’t moving, low fps. Use it in the air where fps is stable, plane jostles around. It’s a build in mini game, pin the tail on the donkey.

Larger click spots would indeed be a plus.
Also the tags that pop up when you hover over any knob or button need to be much smaller.

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Are there any updates to the Virtual Fly G1000? I have one as well, but can’t use it with MSFS2020.

Alas, the most I know is this:


I did speak with them about this a few days ago, but from the sounds of it, they are either still waiting for something from Microsoft or are busy testing. I also have Flight Illusion telling me that SimConnect is just not stable enough right now.

Any ideas how to fix the G1000 not responding anymore? I had to restart the game after I couldn’t interact with the glass cockpit anymore. Another reason to add key bindings for that infernal knob. I could still operate everything else with keyboard and flight stick, just not enter a new destination.

When you say “not responding”, what’s happening to the G1000?

Larger clickspots would be essential to use the various click wheels without frustration. Another idea would be I’d the curse was “magnetic” so it clung to the click spot even though the plane moved an your head too.

Cannot for the life of me comprehend why there are not many more complaining about this.

This is a modern sim with lots of realistic airplane movement…which I stress is GOOD…but we need e modern interaction system.


It’s the whole glass cockpit, no more interaction with the mouse. Anything I’ve assigned to keyboard and flight stick still works, and using the mouse to zoom still works (and operating the menus) yet I can’t press any buttons in the cockpit. It’s rare to happen, fixed with a restart.

open up the ATC window, and resize it. Mouse control in the cockpit should be back after that.

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Good news, @AUJeffK. Virtual Fly posted this today:

Some of their buttons are now working, but not all. But you can download the beta here:

Yes!!! This was quicker than I expected. Thanks for passing on the news. I’ll give it a go
This weekend. Have you tried it yet?

Well, I downloaded the software and I’m showing a green “flight simulator 2020 connected” light on the G1000 control panel 3.21, but nothing happens in the sim / on the panel? I downloaded FSUIPC 7 and it’s running. Have you had any success @N316TS ?