Easily, identifiable, purchased airports on the World map

I have about 40 purchased airports all around the globe. I generally have them written on a piece of paper on my desk. But it sure would be nice if purchased airports showed up on the map, in a different color or something, so they are visibly easy to spot for planning trips between them.

yes excellent idea sometimes I lose track of what Ive bought. maybe even extend this to show in a different colour or icon stuff thats in the community folder also

I’m confused. They show up on the map with a little star at the bottom left to identify them as an addon airport. Some smaller airports won’t show up until you zoom in a bit but they’re all there.
The marketplace airport map is a different issue. It works all the time on X Box but only sometimes on PC but it also shows airports you bought and ones available.

Slightly off topic, but how about if you own the airport, the ‘to purchase’ ad goes away?

I saved all my airports in Google maps. Both payware and freeware.They show up as green dots in Google maps. That is a great help as a fist step in flight planning (I usually fly only between add-on airports)

There is a little plug icon in the MSFS VFR map that shows which airports are addons, but admittedly it’s hard to see at some zoom levels.

If you use Little Navmap, it shows all addon airports with a yellow circle around them.

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Do you use GSX? Exclude the GSX files from add-on recognition in LNM;


I want to see the Airports that I “purchased” easily, on the World map, when I am making a flight plan. Like show them in a different color. I have roughly 40 some odd airports all over the World. Not sure how to explain it better for you?

The star doesn’t really help much because all the MS bespoke airports use the same icon as well, not too mention it is used as a POI as well, if I remember correctly. The plug that shows purchasable airports shows every single purchasable airport in the game. Again I want to see the airports that I bought, show up easier for flight planning.

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Would it not just be a good idea to be able to favourite airports ( thread here - My favourites on the world map ) whether you have bought them or added free ones or just like a particular airport you could have them show up more.

Having say 2 or 3 other colours you could change the map marker to when you select it as a favourite and having a separate favourites list with them all in ( XP allows you to do this ) so you could just click on an airport in that list and it would go to it would be really useful.

Honestly as long as a person can see it easily on the flight planner map while rotating the globe and zooming in and out I don’t care. My thinking is that it shouldn’t be that hard to program the airport icon to change color when you purchase an airport, especially if its from the store. I mean how easy can you get? Buy an airport from the store and the icon color changes on the map.

I fly all over the World in this game, which is why I bought airports all over the World. But keeping track of 40 and still counting can be a pain when you just want to “visualize” where they are on the map, to make flight plans, preferably between them, since I paid for them and might as well use them. Especially when you don’t necessarily fly in that area all the time.

Not to mention with being able to visualize them on the map, it can make it easier to pick the proper plane that has the correct endurance to fly between the locations. I like to fly a different plane pretty much every flight. I work 12 hour days in RL, I don’t have a lot of time to mess around making real life flight plans in other programs.

It would be nice to go to the flight planning map in this game see my purchased airports because they show up Green or whatever color they choose, set a departure and arrival like normal, decide on whatever plane has the endurance to travel between the locations, VFR or IFR and go flying.


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That’s if you buy all your airports from the store but we would still need something for those that don’t, though it could be setup to read your community folder, but a favourite system would be easy for all so people could mark their favourite default airports as well.

Then make it a favourite system, I don’t really care…What ever works for you. I just want to see the 800CAD dollars worth of airports I purchased from the planning area of the map. For easy access, can we agree on that lol…