EBBR add-on Justsim does not spawn / appear despite completed installation in community folder

I bought the Brussels Airport package on 14 febr. 2021 for MSFS via Simmarket.

Initially the new scenery appeared on my screen when i load a flight with departure from Brussels.
However, probably due to the update of MS 2020 (world update 3) on the same day, I immediately had a crash to desktop during taxiing.

I performed an un-install and now after re-install on the Community folder the scenery of justsim does no longer appear. I only get the standard scenery of ebbr / brussels.

Why does the product for Brussels no longer function ?
Is this still the common bing / update problem ?
I don’t have this issue with the Munich add-on which is from another provider.

Is the scenery listed in the Content Manager in the sim?
If so, just click on it, then at the screen bottom on the right hand side is the install button.

It is included in the content manager with status installed

This is how ebbr looks like

Standard ebbr - see pictures below

Is there any solution? I’ve the same problem.
Justsim EBBR is installed in my community folder and is listed in the content manager. But if I start the SIM I only see the default scenery.

No solution… i sent a mail to justsim but no solution…i bought it again via the in game marketplace and that works… but i lost 50 euro this way

OK, thanks for your reply.
So, I’ll also buy this airport via Marketplace and try it again.

I have the same problem , is there a solution?


EBBR on sale on marketplace but CTD. I remove it!

Same for me here. On Xbox the EBBR scenery from justsim always crashes the sim. Do NOT buy!

Same for me here. On Xbox the EBBR scenery from justsim always crashes the sim. Had to uninstall it :frowning:

I just buy evvr just sim too, but in microsoft INGAME BUT
if i can see the external airport, th internal ins empty and with the GX-pro syst with the gx pro profile, i see no special trafic, baggage and NO ONE PASSENGER ???