EDDF Frankfurt, Germany - Wrong AI traffic and ground vehicles


I am using the MSFS Version and there are some errors at airport EDDF, Frankfurt, the biggest hub in Germany:

The AI traffic uses Runway 18 for landing, which is not allowed - Rwy18 is only for takeoffs.
The opposite side of this Rwy18 (should be Rwy36) does not exist in the charts. There no
takeoffs and landings are possible.

The AI traffic also use Runway 25R/07L for takeoff, which is also not allowed. Rwy 25R/07L
is only for landings.

Some of the ground vehicles use a wrong parking position:
e.g. aircraft position V178 is blocked by a external power vehicle, which does not move to a
safe position when I start the engines. So, when I begin taxiing, I have to roll over this car.

Rotary lights on all ground vehicles:
Why are the reflections on buildings or aircraft much brighter than the rotary lights themselve??
When you look at a rotary light (police car or else) than you have one very bright flash per
revolution. Not at MSFS - there are the the rotary lights dark and the reflections bright…

Please be so kind and handle these errors in one of the next updates.

Thanks a lot and have a good time.

Andreas from Germany
nearby EDDF, Frankfurt

Yes is have also this regonized at my homeairport EDDF. Hopefully it get enough votes

Isn´t AI traffic completly bugged since SU5? For me AI is only landing, i didn´t see any AI starting from any airport. Most time they land and then they “criss-cross” at the end of the runway :crazy_face:

The word intelligent in AI is very misleading. You got my vote. I got AI completely switched off - just nonsense.

i think it would be also nicee to see country/continent specific Airport vehicles and maybe also normal country/continent specific cars/trucks on the roads

I raised the RWY18/36 issue as a bug via Zendesk back in October 2020 or so and will happily vote in favour of fixing these. In-game ATC should not be allowed to to issue take-off/landing clearances on invalid runway operations, certainly so for handcrafted airports.

Runway 36 operations at EDDF are indeed illegal.

Fixed in the update