EDDF worst airport?

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EDDF is the worst performing airport I discovered so far. I get nothing more than 7 FPS on the ground in the air from FL330 throughout descending and final approach FPS were somewhat between 10 - 30 FPS with huge fluctuation. @Asobo please use EDDF for performance tests and to investigate the all-time known poor performance at or around big airports.
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Ok for me. 50 - 60 FPS… Heathrow performs worse for me… Try it.

I have to agree with you about the poor performance at this airport. This airport is HUGE with a lot of activity, structures, objects, and textures. Is it worse than Paris, London, or other highly detailed airports? Probably ABOUT the same IMHO. Today our only alternative is to decrease our graphics quality until the desired performance is obtained.

Because of the graphics density at this airport, this is a good candidate for performance testing each update.

I nominate KORD for this title.

I normiate EGKK London Gatwick Payware from the in sim store for this title …Once landed here its a slide show in pancake mode even worse in VR