i’m actually not even trying to promote my single video or channel - nothing professional to see here yet, haha, but i’ve got a question nevertheless since i’m flying this route in the sim now and then and don’t seem to get how to make that sharp turn before final in order to get a good heading to it… am i just way too fast or should i extend the last leg before final and then do a 180 sometime later and get back to it?


from 30m30s on…

and ya, hehe, i know i don’t like checklists and screw it up here and there, e.g. told my passengers to fasten seat betls at 8000ft up in the air, papis all white… - bear with me on this.


I just had a quick look at it. The sharp turn you’re flying would in reality not be flown like this – among other reasons because it simply doesn’t allow enough space for you to turn and get established without overshooting the final. Several solutions come to mind:

  1. Usually, you would be expected to fly one of the published standard arrival routes (STARs) connecting the airway you arrive from to the approach for your runway (for which there is another chart). When you search for “EDDM charts”, you will find them. However, especially for Munich they are quite complex with multiple transitions to allow for traffic spacing etc. And they assume that you will actually be arriving via the correct airway, so if you want to do it “properly”, you might have to use an external flight planner. That may be more than you bargained for if you’re not really into that kind of thing. If you’re not used to reading them, there may also be a steep learning curve. (In the long run, however, it may prove to be a welcome challenge. Plus, the charts will provide you with all the correct altitudes to safely and comfortably fly the approach. And they’re pretty much the same all over the world, so once you’ve gotten used to them, you’ll be able to land anywhere you like without any issues.)

  2. The simplest, and still quite authentic solution would be to switch to heading mode before getting too close to the turn and simply fly a “rectangle”, like an elongated traffic pattern: first, fly a heading parallel to your final approach course (so about 080 in your case) until you have just passed GUDEG, then turn right by 90° (about heading 170) to intercept the final approach course. This is actually not that different to what an ATC controller might direct you to do if there is not much other traffic.

Additionally, even if you’re not much into checklists (which is absolutely fine – we’re all here to enjoy ourselves), it might be useful to know that the typical final approach speed for the CJ4 (of course depending on wind and weight) is just above 100 kts with full flaps extended. So – ideally – you would have selected flaps 15 by the time you start your turn and could then be significantly slower than you were in the video. With full flaps extended, even at higher weights, you should be able to fly safely at say 115–120 kts without getting into any complex calculations.

I hope that helps! Have fun, and happy landings!


thank you so much for your detailed response, i really appreciate it - i will study what you wrote as much as i can and try to incorporate as much of it as possible in my next arrivals and approaches while trying this route !

i will let you know how it works out for me :slight_smile: i promise i will work on it.

have a safe flight and thanks again for your kind, eloquent and worth knowing response.

ps: too bad there are hardly any recordings of your streams !

I’m glad if it was helpful! Let me know if something is not clear.
And “hardly any recordings” is an overstatement: I have never streamed anything, so I’d be surprised if there was even one recording. :wink:

i will, and hey… thought it was you doing the vid series from 2020 on jon fly’s channel that’s being streamed on youtube but i guess it must be a different OffSchedDescent then, haha but still a funny coincidence i guess since he’s supposed to be a retired USAF tanker and transport pilot with “lots of 737 experience” as stated on his small twitch channel and plays sims.