EDDK Weird Airport/Scenery

Loading in at EDDK, Gate B18 and everything is just weird. I’ve tried with Community Folder and without the Community Folder but it seems to be MSFS related.
I’ve deleted Rolling Cache twice and that makes now difference.
In order to explain the issue i think it’s better i show it.

Is there something i can do to fix this?
This happened after WU New Zealand.

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Also have this. Tried deleting cache, deleted then reinstalled the Germany update. Seems to only be this airport. All others seem ok.

Did the same thing you did afterwards, and reinstall the Germany update. Did not work.
Like your finding it is the only airport i’ve seen it happen.
I asked a friend to check it at the same time as me and he did not have the issue.

Leans towards a local problem on your system and mine. We have probably done something to make it happen.

I have same after latest update. No payware EDDK, just stock.

I have the same issue (PC Game Pass version).

I also have this issue on the Steam version, it’s particularly annoying as traffic can still spawn in on those spots and ends up at all odd angles

Yep, same issue here:

Photogrammetry seems to leak into the airport scenery. For testing purposes, I switched off Photogrammetry in General Options → Data. Then the issue is gone.

It seems to be connected with the WU New Zealand. I checked with a friend who does not see this issues and he has not installed the latest WU yet.

As i think it’s a general issue,I created a bug report here.