EDFE Egelsbach Altitude Bug

I am currently expecting ground height issues in MSFS2020. Normal height for Egelsbach in Germany was round about 150ft - now it’s nearly -200ft.

Any ideas? Known bug?

Thanks in advance.

How did you determine this?

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Well, I tried to land in EDDF by ILS and I recognized this because the approach did not match. Frankfurt is 330ft above and now it is -230ft below ??? I have deleted all my community scenerys and airports. But that won’t help.



Your Baro is set to standard and not to the airfield QNH. Get the ATIS and set the QNH to the correct value. After that you will read the correct altitude.


Exactly why I asked!!

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Thanks a lot. Didn’t notice that.

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The altimeter measures the outside atmospheric pressure to determine exactly how high the aircraft is.

The altimeter in an aircraft is calibrated to display 0 feet when the aircraft is at sea level and at 101.3 (29.91) atmospheric pressure, which is the normal presure at sea level.

So if you don’t set the barometer part of the altimeter to the existing outside pressure, it won’t display the proper height.
And note, in the sim, all that changes above 18000 feet as there is just one altimeter setting, it is called STD, and is 29.91 or 101.3 if you are metric.
In real life that 18000 foot altitude is not standard world wide.
It varies from area to area.
North America is standard at 18000.

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Thank you for the detailed explanation.


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