Editing existing airports

I’ve been editing a lot of airports lately and some I’ve had to completely rebuild from scratch. However some airports only need minor adjustments to things like parking and updated runway lengths etc. For example my home airport has a new runway extension that is not on bing maps so when I go in and try to add a new runway it deletes all 3 of the exiting ones. Same for taxiways, aprons, parking and painted lines etc… And no I’m not checking any of the “to delete” boxes in the airport area properties.

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@dustNslats If I want to change a number of parking’s at the existing airport or create a few new objects etc. … Do we have to, delete all the previous information about the airport? Or just things that need to be changed on existing Airport? and package will works with your new changes ? I just want to add some hangars. Change jetways and parking’s, painted parking lines and add some new one. add some terminal to existing Airport. so I’ll be appreciated just let me know which of these items supposed to be deleted? I don’t want to delete everything and make trouble for myself!

You cannot just edit an existing airport. You HAVE to delete the old one.

Your best bet is to download the Airport Design Editor and use it to create a project from a stock airport, that will save you a ton of work and basically do what you’re trying to do.

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