EDSB TO LSZS - 35 minute Flight to the Highest Comm. Airport in Europe

Full RNAV flight plan in the YT description.

Ahaaaa an exciting challenge for the Fenix autopilot!
I will try it during my next flight.

Baden-Baden to … Samedan Switzerland.

Hm what could be the backgroundstory to fly an Airbus to Switzerland? There is no Umbrella headquarters or outpost there.
They have no tides so it is impossible to have something bigger than a Mesosaurus skeleton emerging from the water. No crypto-zoologic research takes place.

But superb video and fantastic landing, thanks for sharing that video. :slight_smile: The touchdown was probably a bit hard.

Good timing! Just happened to be on line when you posted. Thanks for watching and commenting. Yes it is a great challenge for the autopilot and it performed well on the final 4.5 degree glide slope. Yes, I came in a touch high after disengaging the autopilot and the landing was a tad hard. The runway is just over 6,000’ and the end of the RWY comes up quick. I practiced the landing twice before recording the video. In retrospect, I would disengage the autopilot earlier and get lined up before the final RNAV runway offset. Many of the private jets certainly line up earlier.