EFB Not Showing Up In FlyByWire-A320

Electronic Flight Bag not showing in cockpit A320 with Developer or Experimental FlyByWire MODs loaded. Am I missing something ? It has been there as of late. And I lost my coffee cup ??

Okay, first things first… news update for you.
The A32NX is now a standalone aircraft. So what you have to do to get things working again is:

  1. Delete all A32NX and FlyByWire mod folders from your community folder. All of it.
  2. Use the installer (version 1.1.4 or later) to download the latest version of Either Developer or Experimental version.
  3. When you load the sim, go to your Aircraft, and you should see 2x A320s. The Asobo Airbus A320, and the FlyByWire A320 (LEAP). Pick the FlyByWire A320 (LEAP) one, if you choose the Asobo Airbus A320, that’s basically the vanilla aircraft.

Excellent That worked ! Didn’t notice the other version, however whats going on with the liveries and why don’t the migrate over ? Do they have to be re-formatted ? vanilla??

Thanks for the speedy response…

New Aircraft new Liveries.

Just like any other aircraft in the sim a separate aircraft needs it’s own liveries. Since the FlyByWire A320 is now an aircraft on its own it needs new liveries. The A320 liveries you have already still work, but only on the MSFS A320 not the FlyByWire one.

So the livery creators need to convert the old ones or make new versions.

I read somewhere that FlyByWire is working on a converter but I wouldn’t rely on that.

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You can grab newly converted liveries from here.

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I actually converted the existing liveries I had even the 8K to work with FBW. I found it quite easy since I paint skins myself. It’s just a matter of pointing the various codes to recognize FlyByWire model. If you need any help on this let me know. Not a big choice of paints out there yet.
Thanks for the recommendations.

I’ve been converting them myself. But it’s not just merely converting them. I’m also trying out different things like making the tail number decal invisible without using null character in the aircraft.cfg.

And also merging the A32NX Cup texture to be assigned to the livery level instead, so that it changes whenever I change liveries.

Then there’s making sure all liveries are working with Live Traffic, etc.

I know how to do all that, but it’s quite a work to get it done.

Yes , very good. I am interested in updating the model matching set myself so all the liveries are portrayed properly.
When you say null are you talking about leaving this line blank in the cfg.? // atc_id =
or this // atc_id_enable = 0

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the ATC_ID. But not leave it as blank. There’s a null character that looks like a space " " between the quotes, but it’s not really a space. If you put a space, the sim will freeze. So instead, put a Null character in there and the sim will accept it as a valid tail number, but not display on the tail because it’s an invisible character.