EFB under IOS14

Hello Everyone,

Maybe someone can help. I used FlightBroadcaster with good success so far to get MSFS connected to my EFB moving map.
My IPhone, still on IOS13, works fine. My IPad, now updated to IOS14, doesn’t get the data to the moving map anymore. It says that it is connected but the moving maps (AirMate or ForeFlight) doesn’t work.

This is obviously something that has changed witj IOS14, but would anyone know where to start looking ? I also tried Flight Events, but that doesn’t work either.

Thanks a lot,

A different connector but the iOS 14 info at the bottom is applicable I think.
The AvPlan blog says they are currently testing their app for iOS 14 and only to upgrade backup or non-critical devices. To late for you unfortunately!

Thanks a lot for the info. I didn’t know about it. So people will have to wait to update to IOS14

It is safest. iOS will usually usually pop up a permission request automatically when the app tries to use something that needs permissions but there have been other iOS updates were we had to make code changes for the popup to occur. It sounds like this might be one of the latter.

It is a bit surprising the devs didn’t have it ready by now. We get a lot of notice in advance of these kinds of things.

If you already updated then I’d send an email to support asking whats going on in case they have a workaround.