EGKA Shoreham (Brighton City) by ORBX, iniBuilds & MKVY

To go alongside the already decent version from iniBuilds (iniScene Shoreham (EGKA) for MSFS – iniBuilds Store) and MKVYs freeware version (Brighton City Airport Shoreham EGKA » Microsoft Flight Simulator), ORBX have surprised us with the sudden release of EGKA available here:
EGKA Shoreham (Brighton) Airport - Microsoft Flight Simulator - Orbx

Being my home airport this excites me greatly, not knowing which version to use will cause a headache!


Oh decisions, decisions…EGKA is my local arirport too and had a very happy day years ago in a demo lesson flying a C152 from there heading along the coast to Beachy Head and back. I go past the airport most weekends when I’m out cycling so know it very well.

MKVY’s Shorham airport is very much a work in progress though its liable to be very good indeed if his Gatwick Airport mod is anything to go by. Tempted by the ORBX one though…

Obviously they all need the simple addition of the awesome looking black RAF Jaguar XZ394 (with its saint squadron markings) outside the Transair building, always thought that looked cool and I was a bit sad when it got moved to Sculthorpe a few years back Our Sepecat Jaguar - RAF SCULTHORPE HERITAGE CENTRE :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not overly impressed with the ORBX one, seems more like a WIP to me, in just a few minutes I found these issues:

  • Terminal Building has cracks in the paintwork on the outside (not there in real life AFAIK)
  • Sign post in the middle of the road next to the river
  • No raised riverbank
  • Footbridge has texture issues (non transparent where they need to be)
  • Power Station is nothing like the real thing and looks unfinished (missing a section on top)

Posted on their Discord so maybe someone there will respond, the actual Airport looks just fine but it’s the little things that ruin it currently.

Avoid ORBX EGKA for the time being, just realised they even have the old footbridge that was demolished in 2012/2013 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I think this is a quick Port over from another Sim for a quick Cash Grab, and I thought ORBX were the Top of their Profession…!

I’ve asked (numerous times) if this is a WIP and whether or not it will get updated, in the meantime I highly recommend the iniBuilds version as that is very good, I’ve not got MKVYs yet (but will)

Another local boy here…

I got the inibuilds one when it hit the marketplace a couple of weeks ago. It’s been available elsewhere for a while. Rather surprised to see the ORBX one pop up on the market place.

No idea which will end up being deemed “the best” in the long run but I won’t be buying two of them…

The inibuilds one seems perfectly good to me.

Also agree that the cracks in the terminal building on the ORBX images are not there in real life… at least not like that… they look… Terminal

(Thanks… I’m here all week)

Also didnt know the Jaguar was now in Scunthorpe. That was very cool!. still… at least the Merlin engine is still in Northbrooks window… or was last time I was there.

That’s the iniBuilds one isn’t it? Listed as iniScene i believe on the marketplace

IniScene is a subsiduary of IniBuilds

They put out Shoreham a while back and it was subsequently added to the in game Marketplace a couple of weeks ago.

ORBX then also put out Shoreham… so now there are two diffrent versions of Shoreham on the official in game Microsoft Marketplace.

As far as I know it’s the only location that has two different “official” versions. (and I only mean official as in within the in game Marketplace)

Probably either version will be a good addition. Just seems a bit odd to have two alternatives for the same location.

Ah right i see, yeah bit weird but then Microsoft don’t vet the mods added so they’re probably blissfully unaware!

I’ve not heard back from ORBX after sending in a complaint about the poor quality of EGKA…

You got that right !! The Euro Fighter Typhoon is a great example of a truely poor example !!!

Where as the freeware H135 helicopter is absolutely brilliant !

Entry to the Markeplace is clearly not a guarantee of quality.

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ORBX are kindly refunding me for the EGKA purchase, I hope they improve upon it in the future but chances are slim I think, good job we have the iniBuilds & free MKVY versions.

I bought the iniScene version from their site before it became available on the marketplace. I’m very happy with it and would thoroughly recommend it.

ps The guy on who has built the fantastic free Gatwick airport has also built (and is continuing to work on) Shoreham and Heathrow. If it’s anything like Gatwick you could do a lot worse. I believe he works 2 weeks at a time on each airfield.

Hey guys, I’m planning a flight from Exeter to Shoreham soon and I want to purchase the best DLC. Of the three what do people think is the most accurate and has the most content?

I’ve not downloaded MKVY’s yet to test, as I understand from his comments and Youtube channel it isn’t finished yet so wondering if the Orbx and IniBuilds are better, and if so which I should I get?

iniBuilds all day long IMO

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Thanks, I assumed it would be Orbx but only because I’ve never otherwise heard of Inibuilds.

Shoreham is also my home airport and I got the Inibuilds version many months ago. Totally happy with it.

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Hi! Do we know if a Shoreham Airport add-on will be made available on the Xbox? I’m aware that there is one in the marketplace for PC and have been waiting patiently!

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I’m also patiently waiting for Shoreham airport to hit XBOX!


CYVR - Vancouver BC also has two “official” versions (by FSIMSTUDIOS and FSDREAMTEAM). Really makes shopping challenging.